Be “More wow(ed) than ever” with Samsung’s New 2023 Lineup

TVs have drastically changed over the past few years, with companies equipping models with new features to entice people into getting them. Like other TV brands, Samsung has a new series of televisions for this year and invited us to their Unbox and Discover 2023 to see them. So naturally, I took up the chance to look at what Samsung’s 2023 TV slate had to offer.


For 2023, Samsung has released a refresh of their Neo QLED 8K lineup — the QN900C. If you’re unfamiliar with QLED, it is a Samsung-centric technology for TVs that uses quantum dots; shine a light on that, and they glow with excellent efficiency. So with that, you get LED TVs that are brighter and more colourful to the eye.

As the flagship model, it boasts a near-bezel and border-free “Infinity” design, allowing for an edge-to-edge viewing experience, all while maintaining its 8K visuals. In addition, it is very much as sleek as you can get in terms of design for TVs.

Samsung 2023 TVs: Neo QLED 8K TV
The new Neo QLED 8K TV

Moreover, it uses Auto HDR Remastering and 8K AI Upscaling, enhancing the on-screen visuals by making them cleaner and sharper, while not compromising on colour. Native 8K content is still a rarity at this moment in time, so having this upscaling technology adds some incentive to own an 8K TV.


So then, while the Neo QLED 8K TVs are the new crowning jewels in the premium TV category, there are still ways off from being what the average consumer will look for due to their pricing. What about the more wallet-friendly options?

For starters, there are the Neo QLED 4K TVs too, which might not be as “good” as the 8K TVs, but they still can pull their own weight regardless.

This lineup is sure to surprise users, for the fact that it still maintains great picture quality, while also offering support for 144hz refresh rates, meaning that it can be used for fast-action games that can be played on console – think Apex Legends, Call of Duty, etc. 

Not only that, but with the Samsung SlimFit Cam, users can also utilise the TV for video calls via Google Meet, meaning that the QLED 4K lineup is perfect for regular day-to-day use too, be it for recreational or work purposes.


But perhaps QLED isn’t your cup of tea. If you prefer OLED screens for it is tried and tested picture quality and clarity, fret not, for Samsung also has OLED offerings. There are multiple sizes in the form of 55”, 65” and 75” models, all of which also support up to a 144hz refresh rate.

Samsung 2023 TV: OLED
The new 2023 OLED TV

With the Neural Quantum Processor 4K’s perceptional colour mapping, the OLED TVs can display visuals with stunning accuracy, such as being able to display True Blacks, making dark scenes vibrant, and having perfect contrast and colour expression for pictures shown on-screen. 

The flagship model for the OLED lineup is the S95C, which comes with Samsung’s signature “Infinity One” design, offering a thin, sleek, minimalistic, near-bezel-less shape. As for other offerings, there is also the S90C with a LaserSlim design that shows off an impossibly slim TV, making it a great option to consider as well.

As for all the 2023 offerings, they each offer up to 144hz refresh rate, meaning that any of them can be used for gaming (If you enjoy playing on bigger screens). A Game Bar is also introduced on the 2023 models, which allows you to tune your gaming setting; features such as Mini Map Zoom and Virtual Aim Point allow for a more immersive and competitive overall gaming experience.


In terms of audio, Samsung has some additions as well. New to the 2023 lineup is the HW-Q990, which has 11.1.4 channels of sound supporting Dolby Atmos. It is also the world’s first soundbar to have a wireless Samsung TV-to-soundbar Dolby Atmos connection, ensuring that users can get crisp and clear immersive audio, without any of the niggling wires that usually get in the way of setups.

Lastly, the HW-Q990 offers Sound Remastering along with the flagship QN900C Neo QLED 8K TV. This feature uses AI to remaster each sound object to ensure that voices, environments and other sounds are clear and enveloping, making the viewer feel like the sound is “all around you”.


All these new TVs and soundbars are available for early orders right now.

However, the Neo QLED 8K QN900C is priced at an eye-watering S$8,999 for those with the cash to afford an 8K TV. Otherwise, you can consider the Neo QLED 4K QN90C, which starts at S$1,999. 

As for the OLED TVs, the OLED 4K S95C begins at a price of S4,499, while the S90C comes with a strange starting price of S$3,899.01. 

Samsung is also running a deal for their new 2023 lineup. With the purchase of any of the QN900C, QN90C or S95C, you are entitled to a SlimFit Camera (worth $200) for purchasing a 43” to 50” TV model, either an Xbox Series S – Gilded Hunter Bundle (worth $469) or an Ultra Slim Soundbar (worth $1,311) for the purchase of a 55” to 65” TV model, and an HW-Q990C Soundbar (worth $2,899) for the purchase of a TV that is 75” and up.

The deal only lasts until 17 April, and they also come with a free wall-mounting service, so be sure to act fast or regret when it is too late!

If you would like to learn more about the new items from Samsung’s 2023 TV and AV lineup, you can have a look at the Samsung Website, which contains all the in-depth information that you would want to know about the new TVs and AVs. To purchase the new lineup, you can also head over to the Samsung TV and Soundbar deals page!

Visuals courtesy of Samsung Singapore.

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