Ice magic is back! Return for some freezing fun and hearty hot pots as more snow adventures await you

Sheets of white glisten against the shimmering snow as a gust of cold air welcomes you into the alternative dimension that is Ice Magic, where winter lies right at your doorstep! Ice Magic – The Great Fantasy on Ice, Singapore’s largest pop-up winter-themed attraction, is back from 7 January to 29 January and has exclusive new additions to look forward to.

Warm up with some hot pot

Take a break from the snow activities and warm your hearts with some steaming Haidilao Hot Pot set against the shivering -15 degree backdrop of Ice Magic, truly a first in Singapore. After your ice ventures in subzero temperatures, you may garner an entirely newfound appreciation for the meal.

Ice Magic: Haidilao Hot Pot
Ice magic Singapore returns from 7 to 29 January 2023 in conjunction with Haidilao Hot Pot

Two hot pot offerings are available for guests: the Hi Magic Beef set or the Hi Magic Pork set. Included with the sets are additional ingredients like signature prawn paste, sliced fish, chicken, vegetable platter and cheese tofu — a hearty meal to enjoy while out in the cool environment!

Pick up some skiing and snowboarding

But the return of Ice Magic is more than just the food, with new activities added to the event. Curious to know the ways of deftly sliding against the snow? Ice magic now offers skiing and snowboarding lessons in collaboration with Singapore Ski and Snowboarding academy. 

Expert instructors will take you through the very basics to familiarise you with sports one perhaps never imagined indulging in right here in Singapore. Ranging from equipment and gear safety to basic mobility, positioning and balance on the snowboard or skis, the comprehensive structure of the lessons are bound to get you geared up for gliding on snowy surfaces.

Ice Magic: Snowboarding
Get your start in snowboarding with the Singapore Ski and Snowboarding academy instructors

Having mastered a new enthralling skill, you could also try your hand at participating in the inaugural Ski and Snowboard Championship that will be held on 21 January. Thrill-seekers and fanatics of winter sports from across the country can register for the competition for S$98 (includes a goodie bag, free brunch and other refreshments), and it will take place at Singapore’s largest snow slope, housed by the Ice Magic premises.

Relive returning activities

These exciting activities are in addition to the venue’s previously successful ventures. I distinctly remember experiencing the rush of adrenaline as I glissaded down the figure-8 ice slide as soft snow cushioned my landing on my first visit to Ice Magic in December.

Ice Magic: Snow Slide
Slide down Ice magic’s snow slide, which starts at a height of 4.5 metres

The large snow slope is another popular attraction where one can crusade from a height of 70 metres, the longest and tallest snow slope ever constructed in the country.

The venue is also Instagram-worthy, so make sure you keep your cameras ready. Apart from an ice palace sculpture and an igloo that is bound to keep you warm if you ever need a break from chilling snow adventures, the space features a recreation of Singapore’s very own merlion in snow.

If you have ever watched curling, or ice chess being played at the Olympics, here’s your chance to realise your athletic dreams by playing the sport at the snowy venue! Manoeuvre disc-like curling stones with agility against the icy surface and race against time to reach the target spot at the end of the lane.

You could also challenge your friends or family to a friendly game of ice bowling as you take turns knocking down pins and hearing them thump as you secure your victory.

Ice Magic: Ice Bowling
Challenge your family and mates to some Ice bowling or ice curling at Ice Magic

Cycling enthusiasts can also have a go at the snow cycles and bring their loved ones along for a ride as the bikes come attached with seats behind. It might take a while to get used to riding bikes against the snow, but the premises is complete with borders, making it a safe avenue for visitors to try their hand at snow cycling!

Need a break from the activities? Slip away to the ice bar located within the venue for some peace and quiet with a hot cup of cocoa or a cocktail of your choice! 

Ice Magic: Ice Bar
Ice chairs and tables bring a unique vibe to the typical bar experience

If you miss that snowy Christmas spirit or want to kickstart the upcoming Chinese New Year with a delicious bowl of Haidilao Hot pot set against a cool backdrop, Ice Magic has got you covered! The hot pot dinners can be booked under two sessions — 5pm to 6:30pm, and 7pm to 8:30pm — and for groups of 2, 4 and 6. Each hot pot set package also includes entry to Ice Magic, so you can choose to savour your meal before or after enjoying the event’s activities.

Meanwhile, skiing and snowboarding will be conducted daily from 10am to 9pm, with people of varying ages (4 to 80 years old) welcome to join in.

The Haidilao Hot pot dinner, skiing and snowboarding lessons, and Ski and Snowboard Championship can be booked through SISTIC.

Haidilao Hot Pot Pop-Up Restaurant

Price: 2 pax (bar seats) – S$248, 4 pax – S$488, 6 pax (exclusive dining tent) – S$698
Timing: 5pm to 6:30pm, and 7pm to 8:30pm daily

Ski and Snowboarding Lessons

Price: $560 for a group of 4 (includes gear rental)
Timing: 1-hour lesson from 10am to 9pm daily

Visuals courtesy of Ice Magic – The Great Fantasy on Ice.

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