Say goodbye to Jurong Bird Park with their final December activities

When was the last time you visited Jurong Bird Park? For me, it would have probably been sometime during my primary school days, going with my class and our excited squeals reverberating through the park as we saw each bird take flight. 9 years later, the child-like enthusiasm has not dwindled any bit. Now, it’s mixed with a sense of bittersweetness, seeing the faces of a new batch of students and families watching the final few sets of performances in awe. 

It’s been 51 years since Jurong Bird Park first opened its gates to the public, taking us all through the journeys of the high flyers and kings of the skies. After a colourful half a century, Jurong Bird Park will be moving to a new home in Bird Paradise at Mandai Wildlife Reserve on 3 January 2023. 

Before its big move, here are some key sights and activities you should definitely cover as we embark on A Flight To Remember to celebrate Jurong Bird Park’s legacy and rich heritage. 

As you enter the Park, keep an eye out for a re-creation of the park’s old cuckoo clock tower, which doubles as a countdown timer to the park’s final day of operations. Guests can also contribute their favourite memories of Jurong Bird Park to a ‘living’ Memory Wall at the Penguin Coast and look back on 51 years of history. You can even bring a piece of Jurong Bird Park home, with limited-edition merchandise such as Jurong Bird Park-themed terrariums and medallions! 

Jurong Bird Park: Countdown Clock
Before entering the park, you’ll be able to spot this clock tower – counting down the days to when our chirpy friends will move to a new home

If you are curious to learn more about the various species of birds, book a tour with Jurong Bird Park’s seasoned guides! Explore the Park through the eyes of the dedicated team with a staff-curated trail and also embark on the Nostalgic Signature Tour, where guides will take you through the park’s storied history. What better way to pay homage to Jurong Bird Park’s legacy?

Beyond the bounty of information available, there’s also a whole load of entertainment in store! If there’s one thing that’s remained a fan favourite – it’s certainly got to be the bird shows that the park never fails to amaze audiences with. From Kings of the Skies to High Flyers, watching birds take flight and dazzle us with their impeccable timing and showmanship will be an evergreen delight. Check out the presentation timings to ensure you do not miss out on the fun!

Jurong Bird Park: Bird Presntation
Jurong Bird Park’s famous bird presentations bring out the child in everyone!

Furthermore, the park has put some new installations and games to commemorate 51 illustrious years. Near Penguin Coast, you’ll find Celebration Caw-nival –  where you can enjoy fun rides and games such as Roll-a-Ball and Hit-a-Target! If you’re feeling particularly young at heart, you can also go for a spin on the carousel at Tea Cup Carousel or soar like all your avian friends at Soaring Swing. 

There is also Kampung Jurong at Flamingo Lodge, where you can experience traditional 1970s-style push-carts selling local hawker food commemorating the park’s opening era!

Each section in the park has a unique show of species, so make sure to visit them all! Some must-sees include Lorry Loft, African Treetops, Flamingo Pool, Penguin Coast and Jurong Bird Park’s very own Breeding and Research Centre!

Over the years, Jurong Bird Park has seen 41 million guests, tourists and locals alike, walk through its gates. In the second quarter of next year, the birds and their animal care teams will call Bird Paradise their new home, alongside the other parks – Singapore Zoo, River Wonders and Night Safari – at Mandai Wildlife Reserve.

Jurong Bird Park: Penguin Cove
Meet our waddle buddies at Penguin Cove!

Jurong Bird Park is open daily from 8:30am to 6pm. Local residents enjoy $10 admission tickets with a valid WildPass. Regular tickets are priced at $38 for adults, $25 for children and $20 for seniors. For more information on the activities as part of A Flight to Remember, be sure to check out Jurong Bird Park’s Official Website.

So what are you waiting for? This holiday season, head over to Jurong Bird Park for the perfect activity for family and friends alike – you’ll be guaranteed to have a blast and take a trip down memory lane, while making some new memories of your own! 

Visuals courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group.

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