Shazza embraces her vulnerable side with “Right Person, Wrong Time”

Occasionally, I would have random emotional moments in the wee hours of the morning, suddenly reminiscing about life and whatnot. More often than not, I would find myself listening to songs with lyrics that can more often than not, resonate with me spiritually.

With so many artists out there, it’s tough to choose just one song that can do just that, so I usually throw all of them into a single playlist and crawl into my feelings until I get tired enough to head to bed. One of the latest additions to my playlist is Shazza’s latest release, aptly titled “Right Person, Wrong Time” – Her last single for 2022.

A pop ballad based on her first experience with love, “Right Person, Wrong Time” is Shazza’s most vulnerable song to date, adding a mournful, bittersweet feel to her ever-growing discography. It aims at captivating listeners with relatable lyrics and a catchy hook.

Shazza December Song Launch: Promo Art
Right Person, Wrong Time is Shazza’s most relatable and vulnerable song to date

Popping on my headphones, opening Spotify, playing the song and having a listen to it was a whole new experience for me on its own. Being a Nomad (according to the recent Spotify Wrapped), I tend to stick to songs that I love, and “Right Person, Wrong Time” certainly slots into that category.

Having just gone live on streaming platforms on 2 December, “Right Person, Wrong Time” is an absolute hit, with a catchy yet hopeful and melancholic feel to it. The production, done by Genesis Keefer and mixed and mastered by Basslila, certainly doesn’t come at any wrong time.

Utilising live drums, recorded string arrangements and a whole lot of emotion, Shazza wants to bring across the feeling of heartache and frustration of having to say goodbye to someone that you don’t want to say goodbye to.

Most of her previous releases all have generalised yet meaningful messages, including “Pity Party”, so this shift towards more vulnerable and raw songs might seem a little sudden, but Shazza is heartened by it. 

Shazza December Song Launch: RPWT-Cover-Art
The cover art for “Right Person, Wrong Time”

“This song means a lot to me, partly because it’s the first time in a while where I’m singing about something that feels this personal”.

Through the lyrics, it’s clear for all to see, with the line “What’s the point when we gave it our all just to watch it all fall?” in particular standing out to me on a personal level.

Having always been driven by the want to make others feel heard and understood in their own experiences, Shazza’s passion for music is clear for all to see, and there is the hope that the vulnerability shown through this latest release will only further strengthen the bond between her and her listeners.

Still have some reservations on “Right Person, Wrong Time”? Well, for someone who listens to many songs but is a lover of few, is it worth a listen—I’m convinced!

If you want to take the song for a spin, you can do so below. Just make sure to get some tissues ready!

And of course, if you are already a fan, you can check out our snazzy Interview with Shazza, detailing her music-making journey.

Visuals courtesy of Shazza.

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