BenQ’s Product Experience Day unveils innovation from their newest products

The rise in popularity of competitive-based esports titles in recent years has indirectly contributed to the advancement in gaming monitors. With better refresh rates, lower response times, and clearer visuals, modern gaming monitors are now equipped with many features to give their users an edge over their opponents.

All of this then raises the question: What’s Next? The needs of consumers are constantly evolving, and companies must be quick on their feet and adapt accordingly. One such brand that does this well is BenQ, which recently announced a new range of products to suit the ever-changing demands of consumers. 

This new product line has variation, seen in their new X3000i and GV11 projectors. But BenQ is also maintaining their bread and butter, monitors. And the new ones that consumers can get excited about are the ZOWIE XL2566K and the MOBIUZ EX270M, EX270QM, and EX480UZ.

BenQ held a Game For LIFE Product Experience Day to showcase their new slate of products. Some notable attendees for the Experience Day were Paper Rex! They are a Singapore-based Esports Organisation with achievements in VALORANT, which made them the perfect candidates to test out monitors whose target audience are people in competitive first-person shooters.

We were also fortunate enough to be invited down to the Product Experience Day, where we could try out some of their new monitors and projectors at the Dreamcore Centre, namely the XL2566K, the EX480UZ and the X3000i. 

BenQ Product Experience Day: Entrance
BenQ’s Game For LIFE Product Experience Day gave us an excellent opportunity to try out the new devices

The XL2566K (S$1,069), now ZOWIE’s new flagship model, is the world’s first gaming monitor that offers a 360Hz refresh rate and a 25-inch TN panel for smooth and fast gameplay.

Additionally, the monitor comes equipped with DyAc+, which clarifies in-game actions and eliminates potential distractions for the user during fast-paced gameplay. Such an advantage allows for performance improvement, helping users better control their spray and identify their enemies easier.

Moreover, the XL2566K has also integrated the XL-K’s series design, which makes the playing experience more comfortable and convenient. A smaller base and an adjustable screen give the user more space and freedom to play with their setup, making it as comfortable as possible. The cherry on top is that you can also share your monitor settings with others via the Setting to Share software.

BenQ Product Experience Day: XL2566K
Members from Paper Rex trying out the XL2566K

Our experience with the XL2566K Monitor was swift and crisp. FPS games like CS:GO felt a bit too easy during our play session, a testament to how exceptionally well-suited the monitor is for competitive shooters. The monitor did not disappoint with rhythm games either, feeling extremely responsive in gameplay. Lastly, the viewing experience was very comfy and sitting in front of the monitor for extended periods didn’t hurt our eyes, which is one of the essential things to look out for in a monitor.

However, 360hz seems to be a little overkill since games other than competitive shooters wouldn’t usually run at such high frame rates. This means that the feature of this monitor is somewhat niche; you would probably be better off getting a different monitor for more all-around use.

Wanting to become the market leader for projectors, BenQ has also released the X3000i (S$3,499), the world’s first 4LED 4K HDR Gaming Projector. Made for immersive gaming, the X3000i promises an unprecedented combination of cinematic images, realistic sounds, and lag-free control, making gaming seamless and fuss-free. 

Powered by BenQ’s CinematicColor technology, the X3000i can display stunning visuals that almost make you forget that you’re gaming on a projector. Furthermore, with true 4K UHD resolution, 3000-lumen visual brightness, Dynamic Black, 3D readiness, and projector-optimised HDR, it brings about an experience like no other.

But that’s not all. Sound is an integral part of immersive gaming, and the X3000i delivers in this aspect. It comes equipped with two 5W stereo speakers, tuned by BenQ’s audio team and amplified by Bongiovi’s DSP (Digital Signal Processor), providing in-depth aural details and enhancing the overall audio experience.

BenQ Product Experience Day: X3000i Projector
The X3000i in action at the Dreamcore Centre

Last but not least, the X3000i comes with an in-built Google-Certified Android TV, which means that you can also use the projector for other forms of entertainment, such as watching movies, sports, and listening to music. All these features make the projector an excellent device to cure your boredom.

We tried out PlayStation’s Spider-Man and FIFA 23 on the projector, and it did not disappoint. It felt like we were playing on a 4K television. The graphics on show were breathtaking, and the audio from the stereo speakers was auditory heaven. 

To sum it up, our overall gaming session was an experience like no other, and we had a great time immersing ourselves in the games. The projector gets a thumbs-up from us.

Moving on to the following product – The EX480UZ (S$2560) is BenQ’s latest offering with a 4K resolution. With a screen size of 48 inches, you might think it is a television, but it is, in fact, a monitor. In truth, the EX480UZ can be used for both PC and console gaming, thus appealing to both sets of users.

Boasting an OLED panel that can handle refresh rates of up to 120hz, it makes big-screen browsing smooth and seamless while providing users with brilliant visuals with astonishing colour accuracy. The panels also have TUV Rheinland certification, making the monitor safe for extended viewing as it has low blue light and is flicker-free.

Moreover, the monitor comes equipped with a 10W subwoofer, which provides the user with an immersive sound experience. Couple that with the outstanding visuals that the OLED screen displays, and you get a one-of-a-kind experience that will delight your senses to no end.

BenQ Product Experience Day: EX480UZ
The EX480UZ being tested out by Paper Rex

When we were invited to test out the EX480UZ, we jumped at the chance and were immediately impressed upon playing Spider-Man on it. The visuals were crystal clear, and the subwoofer enhanced the overall experience by making fights and cutscenes feel realistic.

However, having a monitor this big means that you will have to sit a little further back, as sitting too close to it would feel uncomfortable, and you wouldn’t be able to see the entire screen. But, as a whole, the EX480UZ is an excellent option if you want a monitor with a larger screen that can display both PC and console games at high quality.

To find out more about the three products we tested, we have linked them here – the XL2566K, the EX480UZ, and the X3000i. For the other new products in BenQ’s line, you can also find their respective product pages linked here to learn more – the EX270M, EX270QM, and GV11

Visuals Courtesy of BenQ Singapore.

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