Google’s new Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro: Arriving in Singapore on 13 October

First teased back in May this year, the Pixel 7 line finally gets its formal announcement today. Moreover, Singaporeans won’t need to wait long to get their hands on Google’s newest smartphones.

Pixel 7 is Google’s latest smartphone, and like previous years, it will consist of a regular Pixel 7 phone and a Pixel 7 Pro model. The Pixel 7 comes as a 6.3-inch device, while the Pro version is a little larger with a 6.7-inch display. The Pro version will have a triple camera system on the rear end that includes a dedicated 5x telephoto lens. Meanwhile, the regular Pixel 7 will use a duo camera setup with a 50MP primary sensor doing the work.

Google’s new phones see a slight visual tweak to the design. The camera bars now use an aluminium frame that wraps across the back, which evokes a robust build quality. Both models have a glass back, but the finish for the Pro version will be polished aluminium, while the regular version will instead have a matte aluminium finish. In addition, the Pixel 7 will get Snow (white), Lemongrass (light green), and Obsidian (black) colour options. The Pixel 7 Pro, on the hand, omits the Lemongrass variant in favour of a Hazel (grey) colour choice.

The key highlight of this year’s series centres on their updated processor. Having recently switched over to their own proprietary Tensor chip with the Pixel 6 line, the Pixel 7 devices will again be equipped with Tensor — this time an upgraded version. The new chip, called Tensor G2, promises consumers a faster, more efficient performance.

A whole host of new features is now available through Tensor G2. Users could enjoy Face Unblur on the Pixel 6 phones, and now with the new Pixel phones, there’s an additional camera feature called Photo Unblur. As the name suggests, you can choose a blurry photo in your library, and the phone’s machine learning capabilities will ‘correct’ it and produce a clear image.

There are other new camera tricks, like Cinematic Blur, which gives a cinematic feel to videos with its dynamic focus shift. Meanwhile, Super Res Zoom helps to maintain clarity in the image if you are zooming in from far away, while Macro Focus works the opposite way, allowing you to take detailed close-ups with the camera. Beyond the new camera stuff, Tensor G2 also helps with existing features like Night Sight, which now processes two times faster.

New convenience features for everyday use have also been added. Transcription has been a significant component of Google phones, and its use has been extended to audio messages. Now, you can read transcripts from audio messages sent to you. Face Unlock has also been brought back, which gives you an additional option if you don’t fancy fingerprint unlock.

Pixel 7 Singapore: Features
New features like Face unlock and audio message transcription add another layer of convenience

The new Pixel 7 line from Google will make its way to Singapore this year, where it will be available on 13 October 2022. There are 128GB and 256GB options to choose from, and the regular Pixel 7 will start at S$999 for the 128GB model, while the Pixel 7 Pro will cost S$1,299 for the same model. 

Pre-orders for the phones can now be made at Google’s online store or third-party retailers like Amazon SG, Courts Online, Challenger Online, and Shopee

Visuals courtesy of Google Singapore.

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