Head to BMT: Subway’s Big Museum of Taste

As you scour the nearby mall for midday meal options, a familiar green and yellow sign appears at the corner of your vision. The prospect of devouring a foot-long sandwich to relieve your stomach’s churning for the rest of the afternoon comforts you, so you stride into the Subway outlet. Well, it seems that many Singaporeans adore their hearty Italian double-deckers, or other specialties, too – to treat fans, Subway has opened its first museum on 11 Prinsep Link, which reveals the art of making the brand’s iconic submarine sandwiches.

Strike a pose with the seven-metre-long sandwich statue at the museum’s entrance 
Strike a pose with the seven-metre-long sandwich statue at the museum’s entrance 

Called the Big Museum of Taste (BMT), the 6,000-square feet space features digital installations and interactive activities that promise a fun-filled experience for all. Be greeted by a gargantuan sandwich model gracing the museum’s front lawn, waiting for you to snap some IG-worthy shots. Never would I have thought that going to BMT could mean something entirely different! Redefine the BMT experience into an endorphin-inducing gustatory journey that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

BMT will be open to the public from now till 30 August. Discover the history of one of the world’s largest and most renowned quick-service restaurants through four brightly-coloured zones. Feature walls display facts about Subway, and fun trivia games test your knowledge of sandwich preparation processes.

“Over the years, Subway has become a household name that everyone is familiar with, but to be able to go back to our roots and delight our guests with the milestones and brand experience that make us who we are today, I think is a pretty special memory that we want to create for all,” said Eric Foo, President of Subway Asia Pacific.

Recreate the scene of your favourite Subway meal order here
Recreate the scene of your favourite Subway meal order here

The first part of BMT has a Subway counter photo-op  – complete with mock-ups of ingredient containers and their descriptions plastered on top. If you’re looking to snazz up your photos, pretend to be a Subway employee by donning the oh-so-recognisable green aprons. 

For those fond of hands-on activities, transform into a sandwich artist for a day by assembling your own virtual sub. Attempt to slice vegetables with a motion sensor,  “knead” bread dough and squeeze condiments at the interactive booths! You can even challenge your friends to a dance-off while you “pick” your protein. 

Kids and adults alike can be entertained by what Subway has in store
Kids and adults alike can be entertained by what Subway has in store

There’s also a room lit in a striking Fuschia glow – created in collaboration with none other than Foodpanda. Take photos with Pau-Pau, the delivery company’s panda mascot, or try your hand at the claw machine where you stand a chance to win merchandise and vouchers from pink gachapon balls.

Before leaving, don’t forget to treat yourself to some complimentary Subway cookies and Coca-Cola. You can also stroll through BMT’s gift shop and check out their collection of limited edition products – ranging from socks, T-shirts, and plushies to tumblers. Fancy hugging a Subway bun to sleep? Bring home the Giant BMT Plush Cushion shaped like the classic Italian sandwich for S$19.90. 

To get an e-ticket, spend S$12 on a single receipt at Subway (excluding online orders). Spending S$20 and above will allow you to redeem two tickets. That means a dinner date with your beloved or a quick lunch with a colleague is enough to score a fun day out at BMT together. And remember to register online for a time slot before your visit!

Full Details

Date: Till 30 August 2022
Price: S$12 for 1 ticket, S$20 for 2 tickets (Tickets are redeemed only through spending at Subway Singapore restaurants)
Location: 11 Prinsep Link, Singapore 187949

Register here to book your tickets!

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Photos courtesy of Subway Singapore.

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