Subway Hooks In Rendang Lovers with New Shrimp Rendang Flavour

Rendang is a big favourite among Singaporeans, packing a punch in any category of flavour. It brings rich flavours that come oozing out from the soft, tender meat after being slow-cooked to perfection in spices and coconut milk. And now, you can more easily satiate your Rendang fix as Subway Singapore brings back the Rendang line to their menu!

Yes that’s right, both the Chicken and Beef Rendang options are now widely available again by popular demand where you’ll be able to pick them as the main course when you customise your sub, salad or wrap at Subway.

But that’s not all! Other than Chicken and Beef, Subway Singapore is introducing an all-new Shrimp flavour to the Rendang line — an unconventional and intriguing ingredient you can find in Rendang, to say the least.

Subway Shrimp Rendang: Rendang Subs
The Rendang line is back at Subway, with Shrimp joining Chicken and Beef

Commenting on the inclusion of Shrimp for their Rendang line, Samad Mohd Shariff, the Country Director for Subway South East Asia says, “Considering Singaporeans consume more seafood than the global average, bringing Shrimp to the seafood-loving nation was a natural next step.”

All three Rendang options are available right now, up until 28 June, and to complete your meal, they can be paired with the seasonal favourite Pandan cookie. Both Shrimp and Beef will cost S$7.90 for a 6-inch sub and S$12.90 for a foot long, while the Chicken Rendang will be S$7.30 and S$12.30 comparatively.

Subway Shrimp Rendang: Pandan Cookie
Pandan cookies are the perfect pairing for your meal

So, are you ready for some Rendang? Or perhaps you’re angling for Shrimp? Well, it looks like Subway Singapore is your next stop!

Visuals courtesy of Subway Singapore.

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