Winter Is In Fashion with Casio’s ‘Cool’ BABY-G Launch

The Casio name is at the forefront of the digital watch industry, having been in the business for nearly 40 years and spawning several watch lines like the popular G-SHOCK series — a watch series aimed squarely for sports or outdoor-oriented individuals.

The G-Shock line themselves have their own sub-series. One of them, BABY-G, takes the ideologies of toughness and durability from G-Shock but are designed to suit feminine tastes. And BABY-G is bringing more options for ladies to choose from with one of their latest launch of a new series of timepieces.

Introducing the BABY-G BGD-560 line! What’s unique about these wristwatches is their aesthetics are a direct inspiration of the changing colours of the skies from winter seasons, starting from the morning sun setting for the glorious night.

Casio BABY-G Winter Launch: Full Set
The BABY-G BGD-560 series’ ‘cool’ colours

There are three watches in the series with different colour variations. The first, the BGD-560WL-2DR, has a navy semi-transparent resin exterior reminiscent of the starkness from the dark blue wintery nights.

Casio BABY-G Winter Launch: BGD-560WL-4DR
Experience the dark winter nights without the bitter cold through the BGD-560WL-4DR

Next up is BGD-560WL-4DR. It’s a wristwatch with a decidedly bright aesthetic with the outer semi-transparent pink colour scheme. And if you’ve ever experienced winter in a country, you might see the design as an inspiration for those winter mornings with views beautifully painted with the pink hues of the soft clouds.

Casio BABY-G Winter Launch: BGD-560WL-4DR
The BGD-560WL-4DR calls back to those Instagrammable pink winter mornings

Lastly, the BGD-560WL-7DR uses a more traditional understanding of the word winter with its colour design. The semi-transparent white facade of the watch aims to evoke the snow-laden landscape as it gets lit up nicely by the winter sun. 

Casio BABY-G Winter Launch: BGD-560WL-7DR
Does the BGD-560WL-7DR remind you of snow?

Beyond the aesthetics, the watches retain G-SHOCK’s renowned feature set like shock resistance and water resistance of 200 meters. Also, users will be able to select a world time from 48 different cities, so bring it along to any country on your holiday for any season!

The new BGD-560 series of watches are available right now, and you can find them at any G-SHOCK store or on Casio’s official website.

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Visuals courtesy of Casio Singapore.

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