Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro makes its way to Singapore’s shores

Google’s latest Pixel phones — the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro — were officially released right at the tail end of October last year. Although Asian countries like Taiwan and Japan could get their hands on the new smartphones during its initial launch, Singapore has had to be a little more patient for its arrival.

And after three months, the time has finally come. Singaporeans will experience and enjoy Google’s flagship phones very soon, as they are launching today!

Pixel 6 Singapore Launch: Pixel 6 Pro
Now you can finally get your hands on Google’s newest phones

If you’re not familiar with the new capabilities of the Pixel 6 phones, here’s a refresher.

Both the Pixel 6 and its pro version see a significant change with what’s inside; it is Google’s first smartphone line to use their new Tensor chip. This new chip was specially made in-house by Google to unlock its potential and make them the smartest and most responsive Pixel phones yet.

The Tensor chip touts an 80% boost to performance compared to the previous Pixel 5, ensuring that the phone runs much smoother and apps can launch quicker. Besides performance gains for the user experience, the Pixel 6 series also sees improvements to its machine learning capabilities. Features like Live Translate now work faster with the help of the new processor, allowing you to translate messages or videos almost instantly.

Likewise, the Tensor processor also helps make the Pixel phones’ much-heralded cameras much better. New features like Magic Eraser and Motion Mode gives budding mobile photographers more tools to create the perfect shot. Magic Eraser helps ‘erase’ things like cars, pets or people within a photo to ensure that your picture is free of distractions. Meanwhile, Motion Mode lets you make cool blur effects to an image to bring some creative kick.

The regular Pixel 6 comes as a 6.4-inch phone with a 90Hz refresh rate and IP68 water and dust protection. It’ll retail for S$999 and variants include either the Stormy Black or Sorta Seafoam colours.

The Pixel 6 Pro, on the other hand, will have a 6.7-inch display that is capable of running a 120Hz refresh rate, and it can go as low as 10Hz to save battery. Its new triple rear camera system also allows for a 4x optical zoom through its pro-level telephoto lens. The pro version will cost S$1,299, with Stormy Black or Cloudy White being the colour choices.

There are also several cases available to accompany the phones. The Pixel 6 has three to choose from — Stormy Sky, Light Rain, and Cotton Candy. The Pixel 6 Pro meanwhile will have four that users can pick — Stormy Sky, Soft Sage, Light Frost, and Golden Glow

Pixel 6 Singapore Launch: Pixel 6 Cases
Pixel 6’s phone cases (L to R: Stormy Sky, Light Rain, Cotton Candy)

More details on Google’s new Pixel 6 phones can be found on the official Google Store, where you can also make your purchase.

So if you’ve been waiting all this time for these phones to come to Singapore’s shores or have been looking to upgrade your phone, now’s the time to experience Google’s latest phone evolution!

Visuals courtesy of Google Singapore.

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