Burger King Brings a Zesty Surprise This CNY with Ultimate Yuzu Burgers

As we usher in the year of the tiger this 2022, Burger King is bringing in a uniquely Asian twist to their menu that is sure to make you roar with excitement!

Introducing their Ultimate Yuzu Burgers, Burger King’s two latest burger items which contain a new Yuzu Mayo sauce within to bring a tangy jolt with every bite. And the best part is that they are available in stores right now!

The first of the Ultimate Yuzu Burgers is the Double Ultimate Yuzu Salmon Burger. In between the corn-dusted sourdough bun, two juicy and crispy salmon patties are accompanied by slices of American cheese and the Yuzu Mayo sauce — the sauce’s tanginess helping to complement the salmon’s sweeter taste.

Burger King Ultimate Yuzu Burger: Double Ultimate Yuzu Salmon Burger
The Double Ultimate Yuzu Salmon Burger is absolutely stacked with sweet and tangy goodness

The other member from the Ultimate Yuzu Burger duo is the Ultimate Yuzu Tendergrill Chicken. Burger King’s famous flame-grilled chicken thigh patty is likewise joined by American cheese slices and that Yuzu Mayo sauce, balancing with the patty’s smokey flavour in tandem.

But these new burgers aren’t the only ones joining the festivities. Finish off your meal with some sweet treats, such as the new Or Nee Pie (based on the local Teochew dessert favourite). Encased within the crispy, flaky pie crust are chunks of taro and sweet potato, great as an ending treat after a burger or on its own.

Burger King Ultimate Yuzu Burger: Or Nee Pie
Burger King’s Taro Pie has leveled up to the Or Nee Pie!

If you’re more of a pineapple person, there’s also some Ong Lai (Hokkien for pineapple) treats you can also indulge in! For example, you can pair your meal with the Ong Lai Float, a dessert drink with chunky pineapple bits paired with Sprite and topped off with soft-serve ice cream.

Or perhaps get the sundae version. You get the same generous chunk of pineapple bits mixed with a cup of soft-serve ice cream.

Burger King Ultimate Yuzu Burger: Ong Lai Sundae
Ong Lai Sundae is a pineapple lover’s dream

Do any of these new items get your stomach purring? Then head on down to your nearest Burger King outlet to experience them before that purr turns to a growl.

Visuals courtesy of Burger King Singapore.

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