Starbucks’ New Autumn Drinks and So Much More, are to ‘Fall’ For!

Autumn, or fall, is known as the season of change – green leaves turn red, and warm winds turn cool. Although Singapore (sadly) doesn’t get to experience the magical season of fall, Starbucks® is here to bestow upon us that feeling anyway, with their exciting changes to their menus and store items!

Behold! From 30 September, Starbucks lets us Singaporeans experience autumn with the brand new Almond Milk or Oat Milk Honey Latte! Coming along are some returning favourites, Pumpkin Spice Latte and Pumpkin Spice Cream Cold Brew.

Mmm, pumpkin spice and honey? It’s like I can smell fall approaching, and no, it’s not from my fall-flavoured scented candles. Duh. Let’s explore a little more about what the flavours are like, shall we? 

Plant-based milk too? Yes, please!

But before that, allow me to share with you some fantastic news. Starting 24 September, you will be able to customize your drink to make it fully plant-based with some Plant-Based Whipped Cream! Can we hear some cheers for Starbucks on this wonderful new change? This change in the season of change, makes their menu more inclusive for different diets, and we’re all for it!

Anyway, back to the drinks!

Almond Milk or Oat Milk Honey Latte

Almond Milk or Oat Milk Honey Latte Frappuccino! That looks glorious to me.

I know what you’re thinking – “What does that ‘or’ mean?” Well, this tasty fall-inspired Honey Latte can be ordered using either milk, according to your preference! Starbucks signature espresso is delicately flavoured with a rich honey flavour, paired with either of the milk.

If you ask me, that almond milk is giving me butterflies, and I hope to try this Honey Latte with the Almond Milk, but I just know both will be delicious. Crowned with some light and airy foam and topped with some toasted honey, this drink sounds like a lovely marriage of sweet and earthy flavours that are bound to become one of your fall-favourite drinks!

Available as a hot, iced or blended handcrafted beverage; priced at S$7.60 (Tall – Hot/Iced) and $8.30 (Tall – Frappuccino).

Pumpkin Spice Latte

I’m ready to see this all over Instagram as everyone posts their fall-related captions with a Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand!

And she’s back! The drink that truly defines and marks the beginning of fall is here once again to grace our end of the year! In this drink, comfort meets warmth, fun meets happiness, and we meet fall. 

Starbucks’ signature espresso roast is paired perfectly with some creamy milk and our favourite pumpkin spice sauce – topped with whipped cream, and of course, for that extra punch of flavour and comfort, sprinkled heartily with some pumpkin spice topping. I can just imagine this drink making an appearance in all our Instagram posts and stories! It’s a staple fall drink.

Available as a hot, iced or blended handcrafted beverage; priced at S$7.60 (Tall – Hot/Iced) and $8.30 (Tall – Frappuccino).

Pumpkin Spice Cream Cold Brew

Does this not scream ‘aesthetic’? I think even those of us who dislike Cold Brews would go crazy over this!

Now for all our strong-coffee-lovers, namely Cold Brew and Americano lovers, Starbucks hasn’t forgotten about you. They have for you a classic Cold Brew with a fall twist! Even though it’s technically autumn nearly everywhere else, Singapore is still hotter than ever. This drink will be the perfect way to cool down!

The dark, intimidating Cold Brew is sweetened with some vanilla syrup, and finished with some pumpkin spice cream cold foam! I can just imagine the experience this drink will bring to you. It’s the perfect aesthetic drink too, with the cold foam trickling down to the bottom of your drink! The coldness of the Cold Brew is met with the sense of warmth that the pumpkin spice cream cold foam brings. This truly encapsulates what fall is all about!

Available as a cold handcrafted beverage (S$7.20 – Tall, Iced) and as a Nitro Cold Brew (S$8.30 Tall, Iced) in selected Starbucks Nitro stores.

Oat Milk Cocoa Macchiato

This looks too perfect to not want to try. And it contains plant-based Oat Milk? Even more perfect!

Here’s a little fall surprise for you! This delicious macchiato is made with a smooth, plant-based Oat Milk! Isn’t that just lovely? You can tell from the name itself that this drink is chocolatey goodness!

Starbucks’ signature espresso meets with the deliciousness of some vanilla syrup, and it all blends perfectly with the smooth plant-based oat milk. All of this is topped with a drizzle of rich cocoa sauce to create decadent layers of flavour in every sip!

Available as a hot, iced or blended handcrafted beverage, priced at S$7.50 (Tall – Hot/Iced) and $7.70 (Tall – Frappuccino).

Oh no, the craving pangs are already kicking in!

We’ve had our mouth-watering chat about Starbucks’ newest drinks, but what about their newest bites? Starbucks wants you to cosy up this fall with their Cake Box and Cookie Box as a part of their Dessert Boxes, which contain some of the most scrumptious-sounding goodies that will give you severe craving pangs (yes, craving pangs – I made it up)!

The Cake Box consists of five delicious cakes: Apple Crumble Cheesecake, Honey Osmanthus Cake, Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana Cake, Lemon Meringue Cheesecake, and Strawberry Shortcake. But if you’re looking to snack on something lighter, the Cookie Box will save you with six indulgent cookies in three flavours: Double Chocolate & Peanut Butter Monster Cookie, Strawberries & Cream Monster Cookie, and Chocolate Chunk Monster Cookie

If I got them, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat them since they look so beautiful to do so!

Can someone pass me a tissue so I can wipe my drool, please! I can’t take it anymore; change the topic!

The stories each blend hold are so inspiring and so meaningful.

Did someone say “Sustainable Coffee Blends, please!”, because you’ve been heard, and Starbucks Reserve™ officially introduces three new small-lot coffees that are harvested sustainably! They also positively impact the lives and livelihoods of coffee farmers and their communities. 

This blend from Zambia is the first to be sun-dried! The beans were also ​​double-handpicked to ensure consistency and quality.

The first blend is the Rwanda Sholi. It comes from a woman-led cooperative! It accentuates bright mandarin and dark chocolate notes with some honeycomb sweetness. The following blend is Zambia Ngoli Estate. It is a proud product of Starbucks, as they believe it stands for the ecosystem created by the estate in Zambia. This blend has deeper, more complex flavours of sweet peach and ginger spice notes that complement the acidity of sparkling lemon, but not without letting the subtle floral hint of honeybush shine through. 

This blend stands witness to the farmers’ new chance of income after all their hardships in the past.

Lastly, is the Hawaii Ka’u from the remote district of Ka’u. The farmers there have now found a new source of livelihood since the last sugar plantation closed in 1996. To imagine this flavour, think that earthy tones have met the equatorial plane. Notes of nougat and almond brittle meet syrupy sweetness, which will surely tickle your tastebuds!

And finally, I present to you the collaboration that Starbucks is so proud and excited to share about. The Starbucks® X alice + olivia collaboration is back! 

So chic and so stylish!

This now-available collection features two fun designs – of course, the iconic “Stace Face” and the modern take of “Stace Face” with a colourful twist! From drinkware to lifestyle accessories, this collection that celebrates femininity is designed to inspire every woman to walk every day to be proud of her style and who she is!

Do sign up to become a Starbucks Rewards member to be the very first to know all about Starbucks newest arrivals!

The message with which this collection was designed is so inspiring for women all around the world. 

There is so much happening! Don’t you get the feeling of fall with all these new drinks and desserts and blends? I surely do! I also especially love how in this season of change, Starbucks has taken the opportunity to change up some of their menu items and practices to ensure sustainability – from their plant-based whipped cream and milk, to their sustainable blends and their first-ever Reusable Cup Day, which they had celebrated on 28 September! 

It’s an exciting time with Starbucks, and there’s a lot going on! To find out more about what else is going on this fall, do check out their website and Instagram and Facebook pages for all the deets and updates! 

So, are you FALLing for Starbucks’ newest items yet? 

Visuals courtesy of Starbucks Singapore.

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