New ‘Support Local’ Initiative Makes Dreams Come True Aboard the World Dream Cruise!

Dream Cruises is not an unfamiliar name. Especially with the new ‘Cruise to Nowhere’, I’m sure we’re all fantasising about using our SingapoRediscover vouchers to get as close to travelling as possible!

The sheer joy of finally retrieving our passports from our safes and secret hiding spots, packing our luggage, clearing immigration and receiving a boarding pass – it’s like normalcy is finally within reach! All are welcome aboard one of Dream Cruises’ most iconic and well-known cruises, the World Dream!

This cosy yet grand Palace Suite room is adorned with golden and white hues to truly make you feel like you’re royalty in a palace!

Aboard the World Dream this time, there’s a unique addition that I’m sure will make your voyage even more memorable, while making the dreams of four local businesses come true under the new ‘Support Local’ initiative! Being a part of the travel sector, Dream Cruises knows the hit it had to take with the COVID-19 outbreak shutting down borders and halting all sorts of travel. Now that it’s picked itself up, it wants to bestow that joy and opportunity upon other businesses that have had to take a similar hit. Thus, this beautiful initiative was born.

The four businesses that Dream Cruises has partnered with are: exotic ice cream and coffee lifestyle cafe, Creamier, a fashion brand known for their intricate and beautiful local-inspired designs, Binary Style, the brand with the most fragrant and interesting tea blends, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., and the social enterprise that supports and strengthens the special needs community, The Animal Project! Their products will be served and be available onboard World Dream for the next three months.

Mr Michael Goh, President of Dream Cruises, proudly sharing about this unique initiative!

These local businesses were carefully selected to ensure that their products would create a magical experience unique to World Dream passengers only. In fact, each business also came up with a unique product sold exclusively aboard the World Dream!

These collaborative products perfectly encompass the cruise experiences with the services and the whole element of being out there at sea! Mr Michael Goh, President of Dream Cruises, emphasised the synergy between these four businesses, and their combined experience to the passengers. So let’s explore how these brands will be a part of your journey on board!

These sample-size scoops are adorably tiny but perfect!

Firstly, you wake up, glance out the window, and see the stunning blue sea staring back at you. You remember you’re on vacation and that there are no rules on vacation! So you head to the lobby at Deck 6 MID for some light yet luscious breakfast ice cream from Creamier! You decide to take on their World Dream exclusive flavour, Sea Salt Ocean Breeze, inspired by the luxurious ocean liner and the vast blue sea. One scoop for S$4.90, and two, S$8!

The simple, minimalist packaging of the ice cream doesn’t divulge the fun flavours that are packed inside!

Ms Khoh Wan Chin, the co-founder of Creamier, noted that this is the perfect pairing because “going on a cruise and eating ice cream is just about the happiest moments on earth,” which we do not disagree with at all! So I tried this flavour, and it’s a perfect balance of sweet and salty. It’s got a refreshing taste to it, and if you’re a fan of sea salt, this flavour is yours to try and embrace because what better way to enjoy sea salt ice cream than on a cruise on the sea!

Look at that detail, ladies and gents. I could look at it all day!

Then, when the ice cream refreshes you and opens your eyes wide, you know you have to go for a swim! So for all the ladies, as you put on your swimwear and decide on a fitting cover-up as you make your way to the pool, you see Binary Style’s soft and beautiful scarf (S$80)! You wrap it around your body skillfully, with a matching mask (S$18).

You’re runway-ready, and you’re just going for a swim! So imagine their other beautiful scarves, masks, shirts, and more! They also have unisex items that all genders can enjoy and revel in. The scarf is so gorgeously designed, with so many intricate details that capture the experience you get on the ship. The more you look, the more you notice! 

We got to witness an exhilarating fashion show and look at how beautifully the model styled the scarf as a dress!

Framing the scarf are rows of cabins, mimicking the passengers on the balconies staring out at the ocean, taking selfies, etc. Then you see what looks like two versions of the ship on each diagonal corner of the scarf. They’re the day and night version of the cruise’s activities – you zipline, and rock climb in the day, and enjoy the exclusive laser show in the night with some seafood and cocktails framing other parts of the scarf! The swirly lines also represent the water slides onboard. Then take a look at the other corner of the scarf, and you see the pool! Finally, on the other side, you see the ocean with a mermaid and an astronaut.

This particular part is the highlight of the scarf, and in fact, World Dream as well! The World Dream is based on the love story between a mermaid and an astronaut. They fell in love and made their dream come true, and now the World Dream will do the same for you. So many details! I absolutely love this scarf. It’s made of the softest material ever, is comfortable and even cooling on the skin. It can be styled and used in a gazillion ways, which makes it such a worthy purchase!

For you to share with a plus one, this set comes at $58 at the Palm Court (Deck 19 FWD) and the Main Lobby (Deck 6 MID)

Yay, now you’re done with your swim. So what’s next? A cup of hot tea after a swim is just perfect. These flavours from The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. are an ode to the ocean – Cocoberry Breeze and Berry Mint Burst! These flavours are a reminder of the tranquillity of the sea, and were crafted to help you savour and relax on your holiday.

You can get them during the exclusive Dream Cruises Hi-Tea on the last high sea day between 3pm to 4.30pm, for which pre-booking will be required. Fastest fingers first, because you do not want to miss the delicious treats accompanying the marvellous tea blends!

Luxury awaits you aboard the World Dream!

The Cocoberry Breeze is an exciting blend of strawberry and coconut. It sort of had some citrusy undertones with a hint of berry. The coconut doesn’t cut through the taste of the strawberry and accompanies it very subtly and smoothly. It’s more of a fruity blend, so for all the fruity tea lovers (like myself!), come through because this is for you!

The Berry Mint Burst is one that screams ocean vibes! It is a sweet, fruity, slightly minty, caffeine-free blend. It almost tasted and smelled like bubblegum, so you know that the berries really shone through! The mint is extremely subtle, and does not overpower the flavour from the berries. To me, this blend screams joy and youth, and it was such a treat! You can also bring home these delicious blends by purchasing them at the Souvenir Mart on Deck 7 MID.

The incredible detail of sea life imagined by a fellow human being leaves my jaw on the ground

And finally, after all your activities of the day, you ask yourself, “What’s a vacation without a souvenir?” So you head to the Souvenir Mart on Deck 7 MID to shop for The Animal Project’s lovely animal-themed souvenirs!

The items are all designed by artists with special needs, which makes your shopping more meaningful. The main collaborative piece between The Animal Project and World Dream is a Marine Animal Pouch (S$28). It is designed by artist Tan Jun Yi, who made the entire design with a single marker pen! The Animal Project is a social enterprise; hence, part of the proceeds will go to the artist for every item you purchase.

The pouch is made with a denim material and comes with an additional pocket inside for smaller items. The design showcases marine animals interacting and swimming in each others’ midst. It’s like sea life is actualised and within sight, even if in the form of art. The pouch is so practical and could be used in so many ways! From a travel pouch for important documents or even toiletries, to using it to store your make-up or even use it as a handy pouch in your bag with all your essentials!

Every item comes with a description of the artist. I was so touched by how Jun Yi uses art as a means to express his weaknesses in such an awe-inspiring way!

I witnessed a live demo by Jun Yi as he drew with a marker pen sea life from his imagination. To see him just get into it without any hesitation and make each stroke and each line with absolute confidence was just breathtaking! The confidence that I don’t have even with a mere pencil, but this man has with a marker pen easily gave me goosebumps!

Dream Cruises is back, but it’s bringing along some new stars that will make your vacation feel complete, even if it is a Cruise to Nowhere. Dream Cruises truly stands true to its motto of making dreams come true with this new initiative. This wondrous ‘Support Local’ initiative has only just started and is said to be a long-term project that Dream Cruises hopes to help local businesses with. Indeed, “Asian at heart, International in spirit”!

Speaking of, the World Dream also has themes whereby she is adorned with decorations corresponding to them! The upcoming theme is Markets of the World, where you will get to explore authentic flavours and enjoy the feeling of traditional markets of Spain, France, Japan, Taiwan and more! 

The current theme is ‘Wonders of Japan’, with hints of Japan adorning the World Dream!

Aboard the World Dream is a whole new world waiting for you. It’s nothing like staycations or even travelling overseas. Everything you could possibly want is right there at your service! Such is the experience of the World Dream. So, why wait? As you enjoy a vacation, you will also be supporting local businesses. What a win-win!

If you’re planning to use your remaining SingapoRediscover vouchers on a well-deserved holiday aboard the World Dream, do it now because there’s so much to look forward to! In fact, all UOB Cardmembers rejoice, because Dream Cruises has got some exclusive deals just for you!

UOB Cardmembers who book between 1 July 2021 to 30 September 2021 will be able to enjoy additional discounts ranging from $100 (3D2N) to $200 (4D3N) off all Balcony and Balcony Deluxe staterooms, and $200 (3D2N and 4D3N) off suites on World Dream for all sailings from 4 July 2021 to 30 March 2022! Isn’t that exciting? But fret not, you can check out other offers and so much more on Dream Cruises’ website!

So, all aboard the World Dream!

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC Team.

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