Grease’s Classic ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ Sees a New Rendition by Local Artists AISYAH AZIZ and YAØ!

Grease. A classic. An epic film. The beginning of chick-flicks. One of the greatest musical films of all time, with one of the greatest soundtracks of all time. It is legendary. That is why, till this day, its music is just as loved and celebrated as it was 43 years ago, when it was released in 1978. One of the most iconic songs from the soundtrack was ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ by Olivia Newton-John, that era’s heartbreak anthem.

The lyrics convey the emotions of heartbreak that accompany this sense of helpless faithfulness that the persona feels towards her wrongdoer. And the way Olivia Newton-John expressed that pain with her voice is brilliant. So many covers have come and gone, but to live up to Olivia’s original version is a challenge that not many can live up to. Right?

Well, you might just change your mind when you listen to this one. Our very own local musicians, Aisyah Aziz and YAØ, have added their own twist to this timeless piece and made it theirs as they pay homage to the original classic that stole hearts and healed them. 

Their cover is so much more than you think – they explore the despairing devotion one has to their heartbreaker on a much deeper level. It’s beyond just being devastated about the state of your heart, but about navigating desire and coming to terms with your emotions. 

When I heard their take on this legendary song, I noticed what really makes theirs unique and different from the original. The overall sentiment delivered in Aisyah Aziz and YAØ’s rendition resonates deeper, darker emotions.

The picture it painted in my mind is as such: You just got out of what you thought was a strong relationship, and to make things worse, it’s raining. It feels like the whole universe is against you, yet all you can think about is how the only person you trusted in the world pushed you away, as if you meant nothing to them when; when they were the core of your existence.

It feels like a heartbreaking ballad that ironically mends your broken heart. This is in fact, in stark contrast to the original song, which is kind of more upbeat. Right off the bat, when the song begins, it just gives you a less devastating vibe, uplifting even.

It feels like the two versions mirror the two reactions one usually has towards a heartbreak. That devotion you feel for your prisoner who’s trapped you in your thoughts of utter despair often has two outcomes. The first is the feeling of absolute darkness, where there is no hope of repair, and you’re losing to the darkness, or the second, where the only thing that’s keeping you sane is the hope of reparation. You tell yourself that everything will be fine because of this devotion you’ve got burning in you.

It’s strange, but it’s interesting how we all have different perceptions of situations and emotions. I love how Aisyah Aziz and YAØ have explored and shown that in their cover. Hats off, really. 

The stunning, glowing, and talented Aisyah Aziz!

Not to mention their honey-like voices that blended so well together. My favourite part is the final verse and the outro, where Aisyah Aziz joins YAØ. I felt that individually, each singer’s part felt they were expressing the heartbreak of the persona. When they joined forces, however, it felt like they were empowering their listeners with their voices. It’s so powerful, yet so gentle and fragile. It’s amazing, really.

Aisyah Aziz and YAØ are both very talented musicians in their careers. Aisyah Aziz first made her name with Akademi Fantasia Season 10. She has sung many award-winning ballads, winning huge awards like the Best APM Song and Most Popular Song Singapore award at Anugerah Planet Muzik for ‘Senyum Saja’! As for YAØ, he’s still recovering from the high of his latest single, ‘I Can’t Sleep’, which starred on Spotify’s Viral 50 Charts in Singapore!

“It made me realise that we shared so much in common. The love for music and singing really brought us together and we came up with something special.” – YAØ about Aisyah

Both of them coming together and breathing new life into a forever-iconic song is in itself such an achievement and a refreshing collaboration! I can’t wait to hear and see more from both YAØ and Aisyah Aziz! Can you? I know you can’t!

So be sure to keep up with their socials to remain up to date with their newest endeavours. You can check out all of Aisyah’s music right here on Spotify, and follow her on Instagram to stay up to date with her life! As for YAØ, you can check out his music on Spotify too and check out and follow his Instagram page too!

Maybe it’s time we go back to the classics again and jam out! Old is indeed always going to be gold, don’t you think?

Visuals courtesy of Universal Music Singapore, Hans Goh and Faiyaz.

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