Wildlife Reserves Singapore is sus’- SUSTAINABLE with First Sustainable Collection

No, they’re not sus. But they are releasing their first-ever fully sustainable collection to celebrate a very important occasion! Jurong Bird Park is turning the mighty 50 – their Golden Jubilee year! This calls for a celebration, doesn’t it?

Well, Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) decided that launching the JBP 50th Anniversary Collection, with all its special goodies, was the perfect way to celebrate the bird park’s special milestone! And we’re all for it, because Jurong Bird Park has a very special place in our hearts.

Home to over 3,500 birds across over 400 different species, I remember coming here for the first time on a school excursion, and I instantly go back in time to those good ol’ days whenever I visit the bird park now. This is also one of the must-see places on many tourists’ itineraries, and rightfully so! The chirping of the birds fills your ears, and their vibrant colours make for the most pleasing sight. It’s one of the most beautiful experiences ever.

So what can you expect in the JBP 50th Anniversary Collection? 

JBP 50th anniversary icon tote bag (S$15), your next favourite accessory!

First up is the JBP 50th anniversary icon tote bag (S$15). This bag is perfect for literally any occasion. And if you’re looking for something to liven up your ‘fits, this bag is also great for adding a pop of colour to an otherwise simple and casual outfit. 

But most importantly, it’s fully sustainable. When I tell you how this bag was made, I promise you that your jaw will drop to the floor – it was made with synthetic yarns derived from recycled plastic bottles. I know! A total of 5,335 PET bottles were shredded, pelletised and made into yarn to make these tote bags come to life, and an average of 4 PET bottles were used to craft one single tote bag.

This bag is a testament to the magic of recycling and technology! By using this bag religiously instead of plastic bags, you are also doing your part to reduce single-use plastic! This bag allows you to shop to no end, and that too, with style!

A stylish black T-shirt with a fun pop of colour that declares your love for birds? Yes, please!

Waste2Wear, an environmentally friendly textile company dedicated to delivering 100% sustainable textiles traceable by blockchain technology, collaborated with WRS to make this happen.

JBP 50th anniversary icon blue kids ($24) – children need to know the importance of sustainability from a young age, and this is a great way to do so!

Next are the JBP 50th anniversary kids shirts, adult shirts & polo adult shirts. I am in no position to provide fashion advice, but man, these are so stylish! The shirts look so comfortable and can be easily paired with any pants or shorts for a casual day out. The polo shirt is also perfect for any day, or maybe for when you want that smart-casual look.

JBP 50th anniversary polo white adult ($29). This piece holds the blood, sweat, and tears of farmers, a very underrated and underappreciated community in the world.

But once again, by wearing these clothes, you may be making a fashion statement, but you are also making sustainability a style. These shirts were made of yarn sourced ethically from local farmers in India.

It is truly unfortunate that clothes are only appreciated for their aesthetics and not for their sustainable value. Did you know that most clothes, including those trendy and aesthetic ones you shop for, contain plastic?

This makes clothes non-biodegradable, and they sit in landfills for many years, or until they’re burnt – just like your other single-use plastic items. This is detrimental to our planet and our environment. But you can make a difference in your habits.

Looking for the perfect office or school notebook? The FSC-certified JBP 50th anniversary icon notebook is perfect!

The final part of this collection is the JBP 50th anniversary icon notebook ($10). When is a notebook not welcomed to your desk, especially now with Work-From-Home becoming a new norm? But more importantly, when is a sustainable, FSC-certified notebook not welcomed?

FSC refers to the Forest Stewardship Council, and their certification is the highest standard for ethically sourced paper products. This certification is also a guarantee that the materials in the product were sourced from well-managed forests under the FSC standards of forestry practices. 

No matter what you buy, you can rest assured that your purchase is a contribution to the planet and our environment’s wellbeing. WRS is spreading a message that is extremely vital to our society, and one that all of us should follow and support. So the next time you head down to Jurong Bird Park, visit the gift shops to make your sustainable purchases! 

Do you have a sustainable, basic, versatile t-shirt in your closet yet? Regardless, this is the perfect one!

Share the word and check out WRS’ Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to stay in touch with all the adorable animals! You can also visit their website for more information and to stay updated about the newest happenings!

Our planet’s health is deteriorating, and it’s happening fast. Sustainability may be a choice today, but soon it will become inescapable. Don’t wait for that day to come. Instead, shop responsibly, and start today!

Visuals courtesy of Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

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