Homemade Cookies from BakedByLynn: Intense Flavours Baked with Love and Care For All

Do you ever just crave something to munch on, but none of the store-bought snacks seems to satisfy your tastebuds? If you’re someone who prefers homemade goodies, then you might wanna check out bakedbylynn! 

BakedByLynn: Tea Time
These cookies make for a great tea time snack!

A home baker who started selling cookies in 2019, Lynn was encouraged by family and friends to start her business. After a bite of her cookies, I can definitely see why. Lynn’s cookies are all freshly baked. This means that she only bakes the cookies when there are orders, ensuring maximum freshness and deliciousness when you collect your cookies.

Packaged in simple but pretty containers, the cookies from bakedbylynn are definitely Instagram-worthy. Whether it’s eaten alongside some hot tea while doing your work or just on its own, I’d say it’s a perfect snack. 

I tried some of the flavours from bakedbylynn, so let me share more of my thoughts on them: 

Choc Top Butter Cookies 

BakedByLynn: Choc Top Cookies
A classic favourite, you can’t go wrong with the Choc Top Cookies!

 A cookie flavour loved by people from all walks of life is akin to a ‘classic’. Offered in an assortment of three different chocolate flavours (strawberry, white, and milk), topping the butter cookies, makes for a fun experience that brings back childhood memories. Crispy, with a hint of the flavour from the Choc Top, the cookie melts in your mouth. It’s a flavour you just can’t go wrong with!

I don’t know about you, but butter cookies tend to leave a heavy aftertaste on my mouth after a few. But the Choc Top Butter Cookies didn’t, and the lightness of the dough surprised me. Without even realising, I had already eaten five! This is such a versatile, well-loved flavour that anyone would 

Lemon White Chocolate Cookies 

BakedByLynn: Lemon White Chocolate Cookies
The Lemon White Chocolate Cookies have a refined and elegant flavour

A popular flavour amongst the ladies, this is a flavour that tastes as fancy as it sounds. A perfect companion to some tea and books, the Lemon White Chocolate cookies make for a sophisticated and refined flavour. When I tried this one, it reminded me of those little princess tea parties I used to play at as a child.

The zingy taste of the lemon is subtle but enough to leave a flavourful impact. Drizzled with mildly sweet white chocolate frosting, it makes for a zestful combination that leaves you wanting more. This is a flavour I’d recommend for those who would prefer something lighter and more on the refreshing side! 

Double Chocolate Cookies 

BakedByLynn: Double Chocolate Cookies
Double Chocolate Cookies have an addictive, bold flavour

A bold flavour that is sure to be popular with the younger ones is a go-to flavour for all chocolate lovers. I noticed that the consistency of this one was crispier than others, but it fits the intense flavours perfectly. Being a fan of chocolate myself, I really love double chocolate flavours, and this is no exception. Biting into the white chocolate bits, of course, was the best part of the cookie.

One thing I noticed about Lynn’s cookies is that something about them is just really addictive. Even with a double chocolate flavour, it wasn’t too ‘heaty’. This makes it perfect for those who can’t just stop at one cookie (like yours truly)!

Matcha White Chocolate Cookies

BakedByLynn: Matcha White Cookies
One of the more unique flavours, the Matcha White Chocolate cookies are for those who prefer something more aromatic and light!

This is a popular flavour amongst the young adults, the generation of matcha lovers. When I  bit into the cookie, I could immediately taste the strong matcha flavour. And though strong enough to leave a lingering tea taste in your mouth, it wasn’t overpowering.

The white chocolate topping was a perfect match to the green tea taste, and both blend together to make for an aromatic flavour. This is a pretty unique flavour, in my opinion, and one that is done well! So for those who like matcha, I’d recommend this one to you.

Coconut Pandan Cookies

BakedByLynn: Coconut Pandan Cookies
You don’t have to wait for a festive season to try out the Coconut Pandan Cookies!

Though it’s a classic festive flavour, you won’t have to wait for a special occasion to try some Coconut Pandan Cookies. The strong, tropical coconut flavour that complements the flavourful Pandan gives the cookie just the right amount of local touch! 

The coconut pieces are mixed in with the dough, which allows the flavour to spread evenly with each bite. If you prefer something more impactful and fragrant, then I think you should get this flavour!

Earl Grey Cookies

BakedByLynn: Earl Grey Cookies
My personal favourite, the Earl Grey Cookies, have an earthy, fragrant flavour!

And lastly, my personal favourite, the Earl Grey cookies! Maybe it’s just because I’m a big fan of all things tea, but the aromas are so intense that the moment you open the container, you can already catch a whiff of the earthy Earl Grey!

I’ve been duped many times before by ‘Earl Grey’ flavours that taste nothing like it, but these cookies really come through. It was love at first bite! The buttery dough and tea flavour make for a delicate balance, but the end product is exceptionally delicious and rewarding. Much like the Matcha White Chocolate cookie, this flavour too leaves a fragrant aftertaste in your mouth. No wonder it is a bestseller for bakedbylynn!

If you’re looking to try something a little different and prefer more earthy aromatic flavours, I highly recommend Earl Grey cookies! 

Ending Thoughts

BakedByLynn: Snack
Lynn’s cookies are light, crisp and dangerously delicious!

One thing I noticed and appreciated across all six of the flavours that I tried is that Lynn’s cookies aren’t too sweet. I’m sure we’ve all heard the concerns over foods like cookies being too sweet, too cloying, or too heavy. But the cookies from bakedbylynn are none of those. Light, crisp, and dangerously delicious, you’ll have to watch out, or you’d end up finishing half the container before even realising! 

BakedByLynn: Flavours
Going for just $15 per container, each delicious cookie is made with much care and love

And the journey doesn’t stop there. Lynn is looking to expand to other desserts and pastries in the future, so you’ll have even more delicacies to look forward to! Right now, the cookies are going for $15 for a container of 50 cookies, which is, in my opinion, an excellent deal! That’s especially so considering the tip-top quality of each cookie and how each one is made with such love and care. 

If you’d like to order the cookies from bakedbylynn, you can go to her website or go to her Instagram,  @bakedbylynn!

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC Team.

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