Chinese Culture Re-presented in SCCC’S Cultural Extravaganza 2021!

After a year-long hiatus, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC)’s annual Cultural Extravaganza is back with a bang this 2021!

Cultural Extravaganza returns with a month-long festival! 🎉 (Re)presenting Culture For Every Generation, the signature event by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre will present 20 programmes in both physical and online formats. Expect an exciting line-up of multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary programmes to take you on a journey to refresh, rekindle and respark your experience with our cultural diversity 🙌🏼✨ #ce2021 For more information, head to “华彩2021”以长达一个月的节目安排重磅回归!具标志性的“华彩2021”华丽重现,代代精彩!通过20个精彩线上及线下活动,让您体验、参与和发掘本地多元和跨文化的精彩。🙌🏼✨! #ce2021 更多详情,请浏览: would also like to thank our partners 感谢合作伙伴:Ding Yi Music Company Jazz Association – SGToy Factory Productions Ltd – Toy 肥料厂 Tang Ling-NahSAtheCollective T.H.E Dance Company Ruanatworkz 䪭樂房 Singapore Chinese Orchestra Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra九年剧场 Nine Years Theatre Red Spade kult Cross Ratio Entertainment City of Tomorrow Singapore teapasar

Posted by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre 新加坡华族文化中心 on Monday, April 19, 2021
Not sure what to expect? Watch this short opening video to find out!

With 20 programmes spanning over the next 30 days, you will have much to look forward to. In order to adapt to the current restrictions, this festival will be carried out in a never-before-seen hybrid format. 

It will consist of both ticketed on-ground events, online streams, as well as pay-as-you-wish activities. An interesting solution that doesn’t compromise on the experience but still adheres to the safe distancing guidelines, you definitely won’t be missing out on anything at the festival! 

Return of CE2021: A Message from Our CEO

This year, our month-long Cultural Extravaganza is jam-packed with 20 programmes that promises to represent and re-present our unique Chinese Singaporean Culture. ✨Hear what SCCC’s CEO Low Sze Wee has to say about the return of this annual festival and what you can expect this year to celebrate the evolution of our culture! #ce2021 今年,为期一整个月的“华彩2021”包含了20个精彩节目,以全新方式回归,华丽重现,代代精彩 ✨ 听听中心总裁刘思伟对这一年一度文化盛宴的回归有何感想以及如何通过多项节目欢庆文化的演变!#ce2021We would also like to thank our partners 感谢合作伙伴:Ding Yi Music Company Jazz Association – SG Toy Factory Productions Ltd – Toy 肥料厂 T.H.E Dance Company Ruanatworkz 䪭樂房Singapore Chinese Orchestra Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra 九年剧场 Nine Years Theatre Red Spade Cross Ratio Entertainment teapasar SAtheCollective Xperience Singapore Dreaming in Black and White 《幻境黑白》 – A Film about a Singapore Artist Kult3d City of Tomorrow Singapore

Posted by Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre 新加坡华族文化中心 on Friday, April 23, 2021
Hear what CEO Low Sze Wee has to say about the festival!

As SCCC Chief Executive Officer Low Sze Wee said, “Despite the strict guidelines during this pandemic, we want to push the limits of imagination and innovation to provide unique experiences at Cultural Extravaganza. As we aim to represent and re-present culture for every generation, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to learn, reflect, and most importantly, enjoy our culture in Cultural Extravaganza 2021.”

Cultural Extravaganza will represent and re-present Chinese Singaporean culture for every generation. Every weekend promises a unique experience for festival-goers, consisting of curated programmes that cater to different interests and age groups. So, there is sure to be something that will cater to your interests lined up in the festival! 

So, here’s the programme lineup: 

Connect With Your Roots 

SCCC Cultural Extravaganza: First Fleet
Look forward to performances like First Fleet that teach you about the history and roots of Chinese culture in Singapore

The first weekend revisits the history of different aspects of Chinese-Singaporean culture such as architecture, colonial history, tea, and language through various presentations such as comedy, cinema and theatre. 

Through this informative programme, people can gain a deeper understanding of their roots and history. So, for those curious about how Chinese culture has developed and become integrated into what we know today, you might want to look out for this one!

Encounter Cultural Fusion 

SCCC Cultural Extravaganza: Night Walker
Night Walker, a cross-disciplinary performance, explores what it means to live in a multicultural society

The second weekend brings together different cultures in cross-disciplinary dance and music displays, exploring Indian dance and pop culture influences on Chinese art forms. This is a perfect theme for our multicultural society, and is ensured to leave audiences fascinated while still educating the public about how each culture can influence each other and how different aspects from each culture can merge to form something completely unprecedented. 

 Go on a Heritage Daycay

SCCC Cultural Extravaganza: Jalan Jalan Culture Tour Poster
Promotional Poster for Jalan Jalan Culture Tour

Revisit Katong and Joo Chiat in the third weekend to learn about the cultural significance of different iconic buildings within the area, such as The Red House and Katong Shopping Centre.

Tune In To a New Rhythm & Flow

SCCC Cultural Extravaganza: Sing • Lang
The highlight of the festival, Mandarin pop music concert, Sing • Lang 2021

Amping up the excitement in the last week, you can look forward to music performances, climaxing with the gathering of local celebrities at the grand finale of Cultural Extravaganza, the annual Mandarin pop music concert, Sing • Lang 2021. The highlight of the festival, an exciting array of performances is lined up for you — you wouldn’t want to miss it! 

Ending Thoughts 

The month-long festival will have multiple programmes lined up every single day, spoiling festival-goers with a wide variety of cultural experiences, appealing to both the young and old, making this a family-friendly event to attend. Also, throughout Cultural Extravaganza, expect to spot headline performers including pioneer xinyao icon Liang Wen Fu, actor Wang Weiliang, beloved Home singer Kit Chan, and rapper Shigga Shay

Ticket sales have begun on SISTIC for events, such as Night Walker, The Journey, Evolution of Ruan, Reverberance of Youth III, Dreaming in Black & White Film Screening with Piano Performance & Post-Show Dialogue, First Fleet, and Liang Wen Fu shares his Xinyao Journey. 

For Masters of Comedy 2021, Age of Revelation, Pan, Jazz It Up, and Songs of the Dragon Kiln, ticket sales will begin on 21 April 2021, at 9am.

Do note that Singapore Rediscover vouchers may be used for the Jalan Jalan Culture Tour, so for those still wondering what to do with your Rediscover vouchers, this is sure to be both an educational and fun experience for you! 

To see more details on the programmes featuring in SCCC’s Cultural Extravaganza 2021. be sure to visit their official site!

Visuals Courtesy of SCCC, Nine Years Theatre, and RuanAtWorkz.

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