A Glow-in-the-Dark Party: Throw All the Paint You Want at Splat Paint House!

Yes, you read that right! Throw all the glow-in-the-dark paint you want at anything, or anyone, in sight – the canvases on the walls, the walls themselves, the tables, and even your friends (as you can see in the cover photo, I’m fearing for my life)!

The ultimate stress-relief party at Splat Paint House in Upper Thompson provides you with seven containers of glow-in-the-dark paint and brushes for you to paint, splat, throw, whatever you please. Groups of four will receive an additional group canvas, and a maximum of eight people will be granted entry at a time. If you’re coming in with seven friends, you will be split into two groups of four. 

Splat Paint House UV Party: UV Paints
Stunning containers of glow-in-the-dark magic

As you’re surrounded by UV light, the paint illuminates in the dark and makes for such a jaw-dropping sight and atmosphere as the music in the background keeps you in your groove. This is the perfect experience if you: love art or painting, love being messy, love trying new things, need to relieve some stress, need some aesthetic photos for your Instagram feed or simply need an excuse to throw paint for no reason. Anyone of any age or lifestyle can have a good time here!

The price? $70 per person for two hours. Is it worth it? Well, let me share my experience with you first.

Splat Paint House UV Party: Splat Paint Area
The enchanted land of fluorescence and the most lit music

To find the Splat Paint House entrance, pay extra attention, so you don’t miss it as I did. It’s a door that opens to stairs that will lead you to their studio, or in other words, your blank canvas. Crazy how the quaint and inconspicuous entrance hides so much about the true colours (I amuse myself) of what’s really going on up there! 

As soon as we entered, we were told to take off our shoes, wear shoe covers, and place our bags in small lockers (keys provided) situated along the stairs. The lockers may not fit larger backpacks, so do approach the friendly staff should you need help. You’re also given plastic ponchos to protect yourself from the menace that will unleash as soon as you begin. 

But I have to warn you: it may get so intense that even the poncho may not be enough.

Splat Paint House UV Party: Painting
Splatting in action

Anyway, we started easy – just making random strokes on the canvases, but it didn’t take us long to get acquainted with splattering the paint on the walls and even on each other! As the loud music hypes you up in the background, it becomes second nature to dance and play with the paint and even have a fun jam session with your friends to the most popular tunes.

About 30 minutes into splashing paint on anything in sight, your battlefield and poncho will look like an artistic masterpiece. It becomes the perfect photo opportunity. Since social media has become the scale for aesthetics, I assure you that the studio and your plight will be very ‘gram-worthy

Splat Paint House UV Party: Painting In-Action
Do not disturb! Instagramming in progress!

If you would like some ideas to make your photographs invoke jealousy in your friends and followers, or simply want unique pictures apart from the simple smiling and posing, you can coat your hands with the paint and make a handprint on the canvas, and capture the moment. Or even pose with your hand covered in that illuminating paint! Perhaps even try to catch yourself in action as you throw the paint on the walls for that extra oomph.

The paint is very easily washed off, so you don’t even have to worry if your hands get messy or if it ends up on your clothes. Without the UV lights, the paint isn’t even noticeable (which greatly amused us).

Splat Paint House UV Party: Aftermath
How aesthetic is this photo?

Once you’re done with your photography session, you go back to throwing paint. And you continue this till your two hours are up, with some impromptu photography sessions along the way.

This time feels more well-spent if you’re going with many friends so you can engage in countless paint wars and jam sessions. But if you’re going in pairs or smaller groups, or are expecting anything beyond throwing paint, this might not be the most well-spent $70 for you. 

Splat Paint House UV Party: Painting 3
Paint wars caught on camera!

We found ourselves feeling a little bored after a while. Since we were sharing space with another group, we were kind of confined to our own corner, and it gets a tad dry (the irony) as it feels like you’ve done everything possible. But if you’re in a larger group, it’s definitely easier to make the two hours seem worthwhile. So bring along your friend group or your family and go nuts!

You can come and pick your masterpiece (your canvas) back up in a couple of days once the paint dries, or even arrange for delivery to your doorstep for $25. I feel the need to mention that these paintings will only glow in the dark if you have UV lights at home.

Splat Paint House UV Party: Painting 2
Our proud artwork!

Well, I have to admit, after visiting Splat Paint House, I can probably check ‘Have a glow-in-the-dark paint war slash party with my friends’ off my bucket list. Right? Well, so can you!

Here’s everything you need to know:

The nearest MRT station to Splat Paint House is Marymount (CC16), a 10-minute walk or a couple of bus stops away. There are many nearby places to eat, so after all that paint-throwing and screaming to the songs, you can satiate any craving in the area itself! Closed on Monday and Tuesday, Splat Paint House is open from 3pm to 9pm on Wednesday and Thursday, 3pm to 9.30pm on Friday, 11am to 9pm on Saturday, and 11am to 7.30pm on Sunday.

Splat Paint House UV Party: Painting 4
The mischievous kid in you is bound to come alive when you come here with your friends and family!

Hit your friends up, ask around your family, make plans right now, and book a session here! You can also check out their other daytime activities with our previous coverage on Splat Paint House!

Splat Paint House

Address: 207a Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 574346
Opening hours: 3pm to 9pm (Wednesday and Thursday), 3pm to 9.30pm (Friday), 11am to 9pm (Saturday), 11am to 7.30pm (Sunday). Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Price: S$70 per person
Official Website

Photos by Darren Chiong of the DANAMIC Team.

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