Rendy Pandugo releases latest EP inspired by his iconic phrase – ‘See You Someday’

Rendy Pandugo is here to show you some new colours and new vibes in his latest EP, ‘See You Someday’! “See you someday” is a phrase he uses before he parts with his fans at concerts, and with the pandemic stopping all physical fan-artist interactions, he wanted to write something special for his fans.

So who’s Rendy Pandugo? A talented singer-songwriter, and story-teller based in Indonesia, his EP consists of stories of the people around him. And I got an extraordinary chance to hear him live and listen to him share some stories, which I get to share with you!

Rendy Pandugo 1
Rendy Pandugo

On 25 February, at 9pm SGT, a music video for Rendy’s songs on his EP, Far, was released. It’s about a story of forbidden love – they already know they will never make it far. Hence, this music video portrays two lovers that just want to cherish the moments they have together. 

The versatile Rendy Pandugo channelled his inner actor and played a very profound character that we followed on a journey in his music video. He even shared how it was so difficult for him to act. Acting has never come naturally to him, but we would never have been able to tell!

His acting skills also shone in his music video for ‘Home’, where he had to act as a soldier in a war. From love to war, the actor in him has never failed! Although, Rendy shared, “I think I’m better at action!”, explaining how he felt that he was more suited to acting like a soldier and film action scenes compared to more intimate and romantic scenes in ‘Far’!

A soulful song in an emotional music video, Rendy told us how this song has such a unique sound, and it’s something he’s never done before. He combines his past and present styles to create new things and let his music style evolve. He wrote this song with a friend and is proud and confident of how the song came out, and we love it!

Rendy himself is actually an introvert. He shared how his studio is where he escapes to create music. He feels that he is even unable to co-write very well because of how shy he is! However, since he co-wrote his songs in ‘See You Someday’ with his friends, he felt comfortable and really enjoyed the process!

Even during the pandemic, he described while some things were different, there was no significant change for him as he has always been so used to being in his studio anyway. With numerous swab tests done and extra careful precautions taken for himself and the crew members, he described how the music video’s filming was rather different due to the pandemic. 

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Rendy turns 36 this year, and he shared a private memory of how he had once questioned why people would want to listen to him, since he is not at the prime of his age, compared to many other artists who started at younger generations. He received a response which changed his outlook of music – “Music isn’t about age. If it’s good, then it’s good. Just enjoy it.” 

Indeed, music knows no boundaries of age and time. If it’s good, then it should be enjoyed. As a music-lover myself, I always thought that I must only listen to music by the most popular artists and songs that everyone else is listening to. But that isn’t true at all. Any good song must be appreciated and enjoyed, no matter how old the song or the singer is. Isn’t that right?

Rendy Pandugo 3

Another song from the EP he performed was ‘B.Y.L’, which stands for ‘Before You Left’. As I’m sure we can tell from the title, it certainly is a song about heartbreak. 

As I mentioned earlier, his EP consists of songs that are stories of the people around him. This song too, shares a very intimate story about a woman leaving her husband to pursue her dreams. The man was heartbroken, and his best friend was with him through it all. But regardless of all the reasons the man has to leave his wife, he doesn’t want this chapter to end. He wants to keep all the promises he made to her and wait for her to return.

Ladies and gents, the man in this story, is Rendy’s best friend. Rendy saw his best friend go through that heartbreak. He felt what he felt and wrote a song about it. When I heard the song, I felt what he felt too. Rendy’s vocals added a new dimension to the song. You enter this dimension and feel that pain hitting you, that had once hit Rendy and his best friend. 

This song hits right where it hurts.

This EP is full of stories, and if you want to discover some, ‘See You Someday’ is the next playlist to add to your Spotify or Apple Music library! Be sure to check out Far’s music video as well!

Some stories are better left unsaid.
Because they’re better when they’re sung.

Visuals courtesy of Universal Music.

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