Re-discover Singapore Through Monopoly Explore! SG: The Stakes Just Got Higher

We all love a good game of Monopoly, whether it be on the original, or on our very own Singapore-centric version! There’s a thrill in the race to own all that property on the board (especially the premium blue ones).

But in the fighting spirit that accompanies every game of Monopoly (and every Singaporean), I know the main question lingering in your minds: What’s on the line? 

The answer is weekly cash and prize rewards worth S$150, and the Grand Prize worth S$8,000. Like I said, the stakes just got higher.

Pause! Let’s rewind!

First, allow me to present to you Monopoly Explore! SG, a proud product of a collaboration between First Wave Agency and Hasbro.

Monopoly Explore! SG Logo
Monopoly Explore! SG Logo

The same board game that many of us joke about destroying friendships (trust me, I’ve experienced that first-hand), is here, but in an all-new digital style! Do it all over again with friends and families while exploring Singapore’s gems, meeting artisanal makers and discovering products.

All you’re going to need is the app to be downloaded on your phone from App Store (from 22 February onwards) or Google Play Store right now! You’ll be making use of in-game currency, Monopoly$, which you will get upon acquiring tiles, passing your own acquired tiles, and every passing of the ‘GO’ tile, just like the original game.

Monopoly Explore! SG Final Gameboard
The final game board in its full glory

But of course, the board has been revamped for the tiles to represent the four Singapore experiences that define Singapore itself – Food (of course!), Goods, Spaces, Faces. Even the tokens have been designed to fit the local theme, including designs like our beloved HDB void deck tables, and our pride, the durian fruit. Adorable.

Start the game like you do every Monopoly; roll the dice, move to the tile, and acquire it with a devilish laugh. Same old, same old. 

But! This time, each tile you land on gives you a new experience. Along with your evil laugh, every tile lets you unlock either a mini-game or an interesting video to boost your knowledge about our lovely nation, one of the top tourist destinations. Psst! When you take a quiz about Singapore’s iconic landmarks, you level up and could stand higher chances of winning that grand prize you’ve been eyeing.

There are some thrilling mini-games that promise you experiences like nothing you’ve had before – a FoodPanda City Delivery, in which you get to experience what it’s like delivering food orders around the island, or even The Perfect Toast Box Kopi, in which you get to become your own local barista and create a cup of perfect local brew. 

Monopoly Explore! SG Gameboard Shot
The virtual gameboard

I’ve listed about a thousand reasons why this game is not like any other Monopoly games you’ve been playing. So allow me to list one more, one that won’t just ignite that fire of the competitive spirit in you, but also melt your heart. Upon acquiring a brand new tile called ‘The Good Tile’, you can donate to local non-profit organisations, such as The Food Bank Singapore. Wholesome.

Now, the part you’ve been waiting for – the prizes.

You can redeem a bunch of different rewards, and if I start naming names, it would take forever. So, make sure you download the game and explore yourself! But of course, just to tease a little, some brands working with Monopoly under the four categories I’d mentioned earlier, include Gong Cha and Toast Box from ‘Food’, YeoMama Batik from ‘Goods’, Chingay Digital and National Heritage Board from ‘Spaces’, and PropNex from ‘Faces’

The catch? To win the tantalising weekly prizes and that jaw-dropping Grand Prize, you will need to complete unlocking all tile levels on the baseboard and additional zones! 

Monopoly Explore! SG Full Gameboard
The virtual Monopoly Explore! SG board

We are delighted to be able to bring our ideas to life with Hasbro. We are excited for players to experience the innovative gameplay that allows them to re-discover our beloved city, while also showcasing the unique landmarks and experiences that Singapore is known for.

Don Tsai, Founder and Managing Director of First Wave Agency.

Make sure you grab your friends on this little adventure exploring our country. While there’s currently only a single-player mode available as of now, a multiplayer mode is in the making, so do stay tuned to that!

Remember, the prizes at stake are yours to acquire till 30 April. After that, the game will still be available for you to have a good time with your loved ones, but the prizes won’t be. 

There’s so much to explore and learn – both in this game and in Singapore. You can now download this game on Google Play Store, and from 22 February, on the App Store, for free!

For more details, you can always check out their website, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to use the #MonopolyExploreSG to be a part of the fun!
So, get off your bed, call a friend (or a family member), don your mask, and begin this virtual version of the sinister game we call Monopoly.

Visuals courtesy of Monopoly Explore! SG.

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