Reimagine the West with “For Art’s Sake: Shaken & Stirred”

The vibrant, yet chaotic, pop-up exhibition of “For Art’s Sake: Shaken & Stirred” will infiltrate 13 everyday spaces around Singapore. The work of these emerging Southeast Asian artists will be accessible from 5 February till 2 May 2021.

For Art's Sake: Shaken & Stirred - Poster
For Art’s Sake: Shaken & Stirred Official Poster

Take a trip down to F&B outlets such as Moonstone Bar, Goodluck Branch and Common Man Stan or lifestyle outlets like The Projector and Palm Ave Float Club, where you’ll be transported to different eras of art movements and history.

For Art's Sake: Shaken & Stirred - Moonstone Bar
Moonstone Bar

Clubs-turned-snack bars, which recently opened, such as NINETEEN80 and Upstairs have also joined in on this unconventional art trail to make visual art more accessible and revive Singapore’s arts and culture scene.

For Art's Sake: Shaken & Stirred - NINETEEN80

The theme for “For Art’s Sake” this year is Shaken & Stirred. It presents 62 magnificent art pieces which aim to explore the meaning of the Southeast Asian identity and experience. The artists’ vulnerability stems from a raw understanding of Southeast Asia and the rich experiences that build our culture bleed into the various mediums of digital illustration, painting, mixed media and photography.

The 50 participating artists come from diverse backgrounds and mediums. Some of the mentioned artists are street artist Fivust (Indonesia), mixed media artist Auracherrybag (Thailand), photographer Ennuh Tiu (Philippines) and 3D artist Onlyhuan (Singapore).

For Art's Sake: Shaken & Stirred - Singapore Got Hawker by Tess Moh (SG)
Singapore Got Hawker by Tess Moh (Singapore)

Art has essentially become a catalyst for remembering the authenticity of our roots. The presenter of the exhibition, Creative collective GOFY, has placed the artworks strategically in locations which Singaporeans will surely visit in their daily lives, which exposes and encourages them to consume art.

“We wish to show people from all walks of life just how much value art can bring to our everyday. [From there] we hope that this would spark their curiosity and kickstart their journey into discovering and embracing more Southeast Asian arts & culture,” says Tiffany Soh, GOFY’s curator and creative producer.

For Art's Sake: Shaken & Stirred - Fruity Friends Under The Mango Tree by Auracherrybag
Fruity Friends Under The Mango Tree by Auracherrybag (Thailand)

GOFY hopes that the exhibition will bring the involved artists to greater visibility in the art scene by forging a deep mutual connection with the Singaporean community.

For Art's Sake: Shaken & Stirred - Komposisi by Riandy Karuniawan (Indonesia)
Komposisi by Riandy Karuniawan (Indonesia)

They encourage Singaporeans, regardless of age and background, to grow Singapore’s creative industry through the purchase of art. Through the investment of local and regional artists, they can continue pursuing their craft, which ultimately preserves and pay homage to our local culture.

For Art's Sake: Shaken & Stirred - Playground 2020 by John Henry (SG)
Playground 2020 by John Henry (Singapore)

In our rapidly changing world where traditional and unfiltered Asian stories are slowly being forgotten, where will you stand?

For more information on “For Art’s Sake: Shaken & Stirred”, you can visit their official website.

Visuals courtesy of GOFY.

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