Calling all Weebs: Rejoice! MUSE launches the first physical outlet of anime retail store Hakken!

I’m pretty sure many anime lovers out there are familiar (or at the very least have heard of,) the anime distributor giant MUSE. A company you’d regularly see in Anime Festival Asia (AFA), MUSE is now bringing us Hakken!, an experimental anime retail store featuring the trendiest anime merch.

Hakken! Rem and Ram
Life-sized figurines of beloved twins, Rem and Ram from Re:Zero greet you at the entrance of the store

Now being an avid weeb myself (a title I proudly claim), I walked in expecting to see all the popular anime merch that is standard of anime retail stores. What greeted me were two life-sized figurines of the beloved Rem and Ram, from the popular shounen anime Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World. 

Hakken! Products Coasters
Re:Zero or SAO? Who cares? Just get both!

Having recently completed the first half of their second season, the hype for this anime is yet to die down (even though I have yet to catch up to it myself). The instantly-recognizable pink and blue bobs of these twins are sure to catch the eye of any passer-by!

Hakken! LED Screens
LED screens all follow the same theme (which is now Demon Slayer), that’ll change every three months!

With LED screens situated all around the store, a “Themed-Features” section where you can pose with life-sized standees of your beloved characters (photos with Nezuko, anyone?), and of course, eye-catching rows of merchandise from a vast variety of anime, Hakken! Is set to give its customers the most immersive anime retail store experience yet.

Hakken! Demon Slayer Standee
Themed-Features section where you can snap a pic with your favs!

The store’s theme will change seasonally, with the LED screens and sections changing for a new look every three months. So set a calendar reminder to visit every quarter to see what’s new!

From having the chance to meet your favourite cosplayers during in-store events to the Hakken!-exclusive merch, this isn’t just any typical retail store experience. Think of it as having AFA available all-year-round, and as an avid attendee of AFA for the last four years, trust me when I say it felt like a homecoming here.

Hakken! Cosplayers
Why wait for AFA? Meet your favourite cosplayers at the Themed-Features section during events at Hakken!

With such an interactive, dynamic layout that will change according to the trends so frequently, it’ll keep you guys on your toes as to what’s next. Seeing the bustling customers amidst this atmosphere also creates a sense of community between fellow anime lovers. You might even find yourself connecting with others through the shared space and interests you share! 

I also have to mention, I was really impressed with the huge variety of merchandise Hakken! had to offer! From the ever-popular Demon Slayer and Sword Art Online to the lesser-known Mo Dao Zu Shi (魔道祖师), a Chinese animated donghua series based on a novel of the same name, Hakken! caters to all the different types of anime lovers out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or a seasoned veteran (c’mon, you should at least know about Demon Slayer these days, right?).

Even for those who don’t watch anime, there’s other general merch like cute plushies that might appeal to you. Who knows, maybe from browsing those, you might find yourself curious enough to look around, and slowly get immersed into the anime world.

Hakken! Products Mug
Asuna best waifu? Get your Hakken-exclusive SAO mug now!

Like I mentioned before, another thing that sets Hakken! apart from other anime, retail stores are their exclusive merchandise. From these cute Demon Slayer cups to the watches, you wouldn’t be able to get them anywhere else!

Furthermore, the location of the store is incredibly convenient too! Hakken! is located right outside Golden Village at Plaza Singapura. Just picture this: you’ve just finished watching Demon Slayer: The Mugen Train, and then as you walk out of the theatre, all the anime merch to satisfy your Demon Slayer desire is just waiting for you like a dream come true. 

Hakken! Products shirt
Burger shirt in a box? Talk about an exciting unboxing

Much like the meaning of Hakken! (which means, to discover or discovery in Japanese), you’ll be sure to feel a tingle of excitement the moment you unwrap your merch. Whether you’re a veteran weeaboo, or just a casual anime watcher, Hakken! is definitely a store I’d recommend for you to visit.

Not only is it an opportunity to support the anime industry, but it’s also a place that I think any anime citizen would enjoy for a casual visit. So head on down to Hakken! to snap some pictures or just to browse through the store: I guarantee you’ll have a fun time right here!

Address: Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road #07-08, Singapore 238839

Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily

Photos by Brandon Neo of the DANAMIC Team. Other Visuals courtesy of Hakken!.

Wan Xin Ng

A film student who loves cats, books and games!

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