1+1=Infinity: A Collaborative Digital Batik Art, a project that invites you to participate in the Singaporean Identity

Bored at home and yearning for something to do? The 1+1=Infinity: A Collaborative Digital Batik Art project, organised by aNERDgallery,  might just be for you.

This project invites Singaporean residents to share what they think is a ‘Singaporean identity’ through batik art. 

So how does it work? 

1+1=Infinity: Batik Art 2
These DIY batik kits will be sent straight to your doorstep for you to start on at your convenience

Well, upon registration, participants will be sent DIY batik kits to start on their artworks. After they are done, they will upload a photo of their works along with a short description. All of the participants’ artworks will be collated into a collective digital art, which will be exhibited online alongside individual submissions. 

With this, participants can do this activity at their own time in the comfort of their own home, so this activity is accessible to everyone — even those who are busy with work or school. The batik kit is also assembled based on batik simbut, an old dye-resist technique using glutinous rice paste, which makes it a family-friendly activity as well.

1+1=Infinity: Batik Art
Family-friendly and fun, participants’ artwork will be collated into a collective digital art

Worried about not knowing where to start? Fret not — interactive activities will also be organised online via various social media platforms and Zoom throughout the project to facilitate the discussion on ‘identity in textile art’. 

This activity is perfect for those looking to take a break and do something different with their loved ones.

1+1=Infinity: Poster
This project is part of #SGCultureAnywhere and is supported by the National Arts Council

Registration for the batik kits will be available up until 30 November 2020, and the online submissions for the exhibition itself will start in December 2020.
For more information on the 1+1=Infinity project and registration for it, do visit their website!

Visuals courtesy of aNERDgallery.

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