Back to the Good Ol’ Days: New Balance Releases 327 GREY and THE KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature

Get your history books out, because New Balance is going back in time, and writing history with their latest releases – the 327 Grey, and THE KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature!

This October to November, New Balance is taking you on a time machine. New Balance revisits their well-loved “Grey” archives with the 327 Grey, the best-selling lifestyle model of 2020. Not only that, you get to go back to the sweet ol’ days with a three-way-collaboration in THE KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature! This collab features renowned NBA player, Kawhi Leonard, and the classic American candy brand, Jolly Rancher.

The 327 Grey launches on 23 October 2020, at S$179, and THE KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature launches in two colourways on 31 October and 5 November respectively, at S$229

New Balance is bringing the heat with these releases, and you’re going to want to be in on this fun!

New Balance 327 Grey Shoes
New Balance’s 327 Grey shoes

Grey is a colour close to home for New Balance and all their fans. This release takes you back to simpler days, and the 327 Grey shoes will become a staple accessory upon purchase! Simple to style, simple to love. It will be available from 23 October onwards, at S$179.

This pair is an all-in-one. It is inspired by many past favourites from the 300 series: 320, 355 and SuperComps. Its timeless look is inspired by the 320, one of the most loved pairs of the 1970s, therefore restoring the retro 70s look in this pair. It also brings back the 320’s oversized “N” and signature fangs. From the 355, we see the return of the studded outsole. The feather-lightness from the SuperComps also makes a comeback in this pair.

The 327 stands out as New Balance’s top-selling lifestyle and athleisure shoe of 2020, meeting all the latest trends while still capturing the authentic retro look from the 70s. The 327 is extremely lightweight and provides you with the right cushioning for all-day comfort, while the outsole gives you the perfect traction to rock the streets.

With the best of the three classics, this pair will become the perfect match to any outfit, and therefore, your new go-to pair of shoes!

New Balance 327 Grey Shoes 2
New Balance’s 327 Grey

All that glitters is not gold; it’s grey. New Balance’s signature ‘Grey’ makes a comeback in the 327, and proves how despite the seemingly lacklustre colour, it can make any pair the highlight of your outfit! This colour has become a part of the New Balance identity and proves a connection with the brand, that no other sneaker brand holds with a colour. 

In fact, it isn’t just a colour. Grey brings a sense of fearlessness and the evergreen spirit to every one of its pairs. This 327 Grey comes with a motive to let you unleash that dark and rebellious side in you and to embrace this dull colour, and unapologetically, own it.

New Balance 327 Grey: Stylised Shot
New Balance 327 Grey Stylised

The 327 Grey will be available for purchase on, and at all New Balance stores (except Kallang Wave Mall), Leftfoot, Limited Edt Vault 313 and FootLocker, from 23 October

So, get ready!

Now, what happens when one of the top global sports brands and a legendary basketballer who was crowned MVP in the 2019 NBA finals, do a three-way collab with a classic candy brand? 

THE KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature is released.

New Balance The KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature in Original Flavours
New Balance’s THE KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature – Original Flavours edition

Witness the powerful collaboration between New Balance, Kawhi Leonard and his favourite candy brand, Jolly Rancher. This collab is bound to take your breath away.

THE KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature embodies the Jolly Rancher candy, by using translucent and glossy materials that mimic the colours and style of the iconic candy. This release is available in 2 colourways – Original Flavours and Blue Raspberry, two popular Jolly Rancher flavours.

New Balance The KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature in Original Flavours 2
New Balance’s THE KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature – Original Flavours edition

Not only does this pair emulate the candy, but it is also inspired by the two-time NBA champion himself. The New Balance team worked very closely with Kawhi Leonard to infuse his personality into the shoes. 

There are also many hidden features in this pair! We all know and love Kawhi Leonard’s iconic corn-rows, and so corn-row inspired engraving is found on the collar strap. The eyelets and quilted heel tab also pay tribute to his classic 1964 car.

There are more secrets to the shoes that you can uncover on your own, so get your very own pair in either colour! The ‘Original Flavours’ colourway launches on 31 October, while the ‘Blue Raspberry’ launches 5 November!

New Balance The KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature in Blue Raspberry
New Balance’s THE KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature – Blue Raspberry edition

The ‘Original Flavours’ colourway will be available at New Balance Lighthouse and Experience stores at Paragon and Suntec City Mall, and FootLocker from 31 October onwards, and on, from 2 November onwards. 

The ‘Blue Raspberry’ colourway is available exclusively on Footlocker only, from 5 November onwards. It’s a special one!

While it may be surprising for Jolly Rancher to collaborate on a sportswear project, it’s heart-warming to learn more about Kawhi Leonard and what he loves; and in this case, it’s Jolly Rancher candy! 

New Balance The KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature in Blue Raspberry 2
New Balance’s THE KAWHI Jolly Rancher Signature – Blue Raspberry edition

“Developing our first-ever shoe collaboration with Kawhi and the New Balance team has been a surreal experience. Collectively we were able to combine our absurdly, bold fruit flavours and our unmistakable fruit gang characters with Kawhi and New Balance to showcase a bold, unique and one-of-a-kind style in this collection.”

~ Shannon Wilkinson, brand manager, Jolly Rancher

Make sure you get these new kicks, and get a kick out of life with them! (I tried)
For more information, you can check out, and be sure to head on down to the stores mentioned above to get your own pair!

Visuals courtesy of New Balance.

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