Virtual FestivalForGood 2020 — Sustainability at its Finest

This year, despite being virtual, FestivalForGood is going bigger than anything you’ve ever imagined, featuring 130 participating Social Enterprises from Singapore and the region.

Organised by the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE), they hope to encourage sustainability in the Singapore market by addressing social needs ethically. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, there’s so much to look forward to this year – a marketplace for festival-goers, Interactive Workshops, a B2B (Business to Business) Experience, live stage performances, and a series of panel discussions with industry thought leaders!

FestivalForGood 2020: 2018 Event Family
A family visiting FestivalForGood 2018

The extravaganza will be held from 24 October till 22 November. It will feature four weekly themes – Inclusive Businesses, Reimagining Communities, Conscious Consumerism, and Innovating for the Future.

So here’s a breakdown on what you can expect to see in this month-long festival!

Firstly, the marketplace. Local and regional Social Enterprises will be offering a wide variety of products and services to choose from, like vegan snacks, ethically-sourced artisanal jewellery, and so much more – which means we can all shop guilt-free. Using the live-chat function, all customers can directly communicate with the Social Enterprises as well.

FestivalForGood 2020: 2018 Marketplace
Shot of the ‘Marketplace’ during FestivalForGood 2018

The marketplace will house over 80 local and regional enterprises from six categories of interest – Fashion, Wellness, Gourmet, Community, Living and Education. The marketplace will be categorised by the different business sectors to ease navigation on the site.

Next, there will be Interactive Workshops hosted by these enterprises. These workshops give you unique experiences and incredible memories that you will cherish for life. There are so many to choose from, but examples include flower preservation lessons, making miniature ‘kueh’ models, and even how to recycle soap! If you’re interested, remember to sign up. You will then receive your home-kits before the workshop.

FestivalForGood 2020: 2018 Workshop
Shot of an Interactive Workshop during FestivalForGood 2018

And then, the B2B Experience. This is a brand new addition to FestivalForGood 2020. This addition further reinforces the need for us to get into sustainability habits and make it the norm. Therefore, this segment quite literally defines our future. It creates a means of communication between corporate representatives and social entrepreneurs to engage in meaningful partnerships towards an ethical market.

The participating 70 Social Enterprises will be from six corporate procurement categories – Business Services, Community Engagement, Education Training, Corporate Gifting Management Systems, and Pantry Supplies.

Now, if you are curious and have questions about conscious consumption, impact investment and whatnot, here’s your chance! There will be a series of panel discussions with social entrepreneurs and corporate personnel. Each speaker speaks for about an hour and they will be there to answer your every query.

FestivalForGood 2020: 2018 Drum Performance Team
Shot of drum performance team during FestivalForGood 2018

Remember, there will also be live entertainment that you can tune in to! While the Stage Programme will be confirmed on a later date, there will be live theatre, storytelling sessions, and even product launches.

All 130 Social Enterprises have been grouped in categories – Corporate Gifting, Wellness, Lifestyle, Logistics, Professional Services, Community, Staff Engagement and Education.

Sustainability can’t just be a possibility in the future; it must be the future. It is our collective and individual responsibility to care for our planet, and it starts with normalising sustainability and instilling sustainable shopping habits. So let’s start now, at FestivalForGood 2020. 

For more information about FestivalForGood, you can visit

See you there!

Visuals courtesy of FestivalForGood.

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