Helping others during COVID-19 through gaming: Zenway Productions’ #PlayApartTogether

We’ve seen multiple ways in which Singaporeans are supporting others during the COVID-19 pandemic, what with the very public campaigns of clapping and singing our national day song ‘Home’. Now we can add another to the list — gaming.

Specifically, it is a programme aimed at raising funds for home-based nursing, migrant workers and lower-income families. Called #PlayApartTogether (or #PATSG), viewers can tune in over two weekends, 23 – 24 May and 30 – 31 May, to watch local personalities showcase their gaming skills on various popular games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Beat Saber and Just Dance 2020.

Those missing the fire of competition can also look to other offerings on show by professional esports teams battling out on games like Mobile Legends, FIFA 20 and Call of Duty: Mobile. All these shows can be watched live from organiser Zenway Productions’ Facebook page.

Viewers watching the programme can help lend their support by making donations which will go to beneficiaries such as the Home Nursing Foundation (HNF), Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (HOME) and Community Chest. 

Zenway Productions PlayApartTogether page

Perhaps this type of live-streaming might be the way going forward for helping out our fellow person. After all, we have long witnessed shows like the President’s Star Charity be the standard. But with live-streaming being more prevalent than ever, Zenway Productions has seemingly adapted that format for an audience amidst restrictions due to the COVID-19.

We certainly hope that the programme will see success so that it may set a precedent for not just the local gaming scene, but also for charitable campaigns in the future. If there’s one thing that can help bring the community together, it is definitely games.

For more information on #PlayApartTogether, you can visit

Russell Matthew Loh

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