Indomi(e)table Indomie: How to Zhng Up Your Noodles

I’ve always maintained that nothing quite says innovation like Indomie.

This humble food has served as both the satisfier of cravings, to midnight umami paradise. It’s globally renowned, the muse of countless YouTube vlogs, your late night post-party buddy, and even a currency.

Somewhere, somehow, I’d wager that Indomie has been there for all of us. Forget the #basic sunny side up egg combination – that has no place in the cookbooks of the adventurous. Rather, here are some wacky – if not visionary – recipes to get you started on the ultimate Indomie experience.

#1: Indomie with sautéed mushrooms, lightly browned cherry tomatoes and oozy cheddar.

Indomie Muschroom,Cherry, Chedder

First off, an uncomplicated upgrade to your traditional egg-and-noodle concoction with a simple side of vegetables and cheese.

  • A light handful of sliced baby shiitake mushrooms, sautéed with butter and herbs
  • Cherry tomatoes, lightly browned
  • Indomie, topped with a generous a dollop of melted cheddar cheese
  • A sprig of basil

This dish may look deceptively light, but don’t be fooled – the sautéed mushrooms are surprisingly robust, delivering a mouthful of alternating sweet and herby freshness. Butter is your new best friend, as are the dried herbs. Embrace them, but use in moderation – you need just enough to bring out the natural earthy flavours of the mushrooms, not overpower them.

Add a small wedge of butter, and toss the cherry tomatoes in to gad about with a pinch of dried parsley – they’ll form hot little packages of succulent, juicy delight.

This next part is tricky: roll the noodles together to form a sort of pancake, and slide it into the gently oiled pan in a heap. Spread the noodles out, and oh-so-carefully layer the cheese on top. Be careful not to let the cheese touch the pan! Heat till the cheese begins to melt into a gooey crown of goodness, then remove and plate up – don’t forget to add that sprig of basil for a pop of colour.

The medley of blistered tomatoes, buttery mushrooms and cheesy noodles brings Indomie to the land of hearty fry-ups: simple, classic comfort food, with a twist.

#2: Vegetarian Indomie

Indomie Vegetarian

Next, we go light by dint of vegetarian Indomie:

  • Indomie, doused with your secret ingredient: a squeeze (or two) of orange juice
  • Generic green leafy vegetables of the supermarket variety
  • Eggs, gently scrambled with spices
  • Coriander and orange zest to garnish
  • If you’re feeling atas, fresh basil

In this citrusy entrée, scrambled eggs, fresh green leafy vegetables and coriander join the fray, along with freshly plucked basil from the windowsill.

Orange zest adds a refreshing twist to the dish, but it’s the addition of orange juice that proves to be the kicker, elevating the dish from “just Indomie” to a citrusy vegetarian wonderland.

Second revelation for this dish: fresh basil is key. Not the dried herbs you’ll find in red and black topped glass bottles, but fresh basil – yes, we’re talking plucked-straight-from-the-stem basil. Fresh basil redefines aromatic, and blends perfectly with coriander to lift this dish. Green leafy vegetables provide the perfect subtle backdrop to this melange of flavours. The orange juice addition doesn’t hurt, either – it’s practically a garden fiesta on your plate.

You could almost forget that you’re having Indomie… but not quite.

The scrambled eggs prove to be an excellent companion to these umami noodles, hitting the pot with just the right touch of spicy creaminess. The secret? Freshly ground black pepper, dried basil, and just a touch of paprika. Slightly runny, the eggs elevate the dish’s mix of textures when paired with the springy Indomie.

This one’s a win.

#3: Indomie with banana, grapes, avocado dip and Dorito crumbs

Indomie Grapes

For our third dish, we go even wilder by emulating a plating style favoured by cafés all over:

  • A quenelle of avocado dip
  • Barbequed Dorito chips, crushed to crumbs and sprinkled artfully over the dish
  • A procession of ripe banana slices and grapes that encircle the noodles
  • Indomie, cooked till al dente, and heaped in a generous, glossy mountain

This brunch-inspired rendition of Indomie attempts to bring a clean eating dimension to the dish – and what does this better than fruits and avocado? Readers of the glass-half-full persuasion would call this combination bold and eclectic; but what this plate truly presents is a confusion.

(Pro tip for all you Indomie Innovators out there: avocado dip does NOT go with Indomie.)

Slide a banana and grape into it and dive in – the barbequed Dorito crumbs addition is surprisingly a winner. The banana’s subdued sweetness brings out the comparatively savoury notes of the avocado dip, emphasizing its cool and creamy texture.

Funnily enough, it’s the Dorito crumbs that pull the whole dish together – somehow, the slight sweet notes of the barbequed flavour just compliment the avocado dip. Still wouldn’t recommend the dip with the noodles alone. I’d say this is a dish to go for when you’re in the mood for adventure. What’s living dangerously, if not through food?

#4: The Mother Of All Indomie: Thanksgiving style.

Indomie Roast Chicken

You’ve heard of Thanksgiving turkey, but how about Thanksgiving Indomie?

  • Roast chicken, whole
  • Indomie, cooked and mixed
  • Cherry tomatoes

If you’re up for an adventure, you could roast a whole chicken yourself. If you prioritise saving time, get a whole chicken from your nearest supermarket. Your aunts and uncles have no excuse to label you as a person who doesn’t know his or her way around a kitchen – present this noodle stuffed tit on an oven mitt, and they won’t cry fowl. A dish that ensures you’re at the top of the pecking order, this will be the talk of the table, ensuring people take more than a gander at this roasted beast.

The Indomie nests in the cavity of the great bird, spilling out in a gentle waterfall of starch, a charming sight that’s rounded off with the addition of cherry tomatoes so no one can accuse you of being a vegetable hater.

The roasted meat and Indomie combination is an instant winner, with the rich marinade of the chicken complementing the umami Indomie, and the cherry tomatoes cutting through it with a burst of freshness. Classy, funny, and delicious – a dish that speaks for itself.

The fun doesn’t end here – there are endless possibilities with Indomie, so go wild! Whether it’s healthy, indulgent, or convenient, there’s no denying that Indomie has (in)do-mienated dinner tables to form a staple in our lives. One way or another, we’ll look at this cultural icon with fondness, and just a hint of nostalgia. Memories in a mouthful. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Have a wacky recipe to recommend or want us to try? Write in. [email protected].

Photos by Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team.

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