Get your fix of Chindian cuisine at the newly-revamped Copper Chimney!

Nestled in the cultural melting pot of Syed Alwi Road in Little India, Copper Chimney dons a fresh new look with rustic interiors and a new menu to go with their recent Halal certification. Providing customers with a delectable array of authentic North Indian and Chinese-Indian (Chindian) cuisine, Copper Chimney hopes to revitalize dining experiences with a tinge of heritage and diversity. 

Offering a great space for lunch and dinner for diners of all ages, the brand has grown to become one of the best Indian food chains in Singapore since 2012. Copper Chimney’s new menu is carefully curated to satisfy the diverse palates of a local and international audience, without losing the original essence and authenticity of its specialised traditional cuisine.

Here are some of the mouth-watering dishes you can look forward to at Copper Chimney!

Sides and Breads

Kukure Bhindi and Chilli Cheese Naan

Left to right: Kukure Bhindi (SG$5.00) and Chilli Cheese Naan (SG$6.50)

The Kukure Bhindi, which sees lady’s fingers deep-fried till golden-brown, is a perfect snack for starters and in between dishes and best enjoyed on its own. If you’re looking for an extra spicy kick, the Chilli Cheese Naan does the job. The full-flavoured dairy is topped with chopped green chilli and lots of chilli seeds, which is sure to leave a tingling sensation on your tastebuds.

Masala Roomali

Masala Roomali (SG$8.00)

The Masala Roomali serves up a thin bread filled with diced onions and tomatoes, baked till crispy over an inverted oven, which is then topped with Masala seasoning. Surprisingly, the diced tomatoes juiciness and slight sweetness complement the spiciness of the Masala seasoning perfectly. However, the portion of diced onions was a tad too much – it could potentially unbalance the mix of flavours and ruin this otherwise great communal sharing dish. 

Curries and Mains

Lucknow Murg Korma and Chicken Lababdar

Left to right: Lucknow Murg Korma  (SG$16.00) and Chicken Lababdar (SG$15.00)

The Lucknow Murg Korma and Chicken Lababdar are two of the many variations of curries that Copper Chimney has to offer. 

The Lucknow Murg Korma sees luscious butter chicken fused with spices and topped with a dash of saffron, giving it a savoury taste. Meanwhile, the Chicken Lababdar – made from a unique blend of spices – serves as a spicier alternative with a tinge of sweetness. 

Salmon Fish Masala and Madras Prawn Curry

Salmon Fish Masala (SG$18.00) and Madras Prawn Curry (SG$17.00)

For pescatarians and seafood lovers, the Salmon Fish Masala is a must-try dish when visiting Copper Chimney. Cooked to perfection in Copper Chimney’s custom made tandoor, the tasty morsels of salmon seem to melt in your mouth with every bite – bearing a slight resemblance to the grilled tuna head served at Jimoto Dining.

Another crowd favourite is the Madras Prawn Curry, a well-balanced dish with a plethora of flavours that will delight any curry lover. Best eaten with a serving of basmati rice, the light and fragrant curry is accompanied by a slight hint of sweetness from the prawns. However, this dish will not be ideal to diners who are out to get themselves a spicy fix as you can barely taste the spiciness in the dish.

Triple Szechwan Rice

Triple Szechwan Rice (SG$15.00)

Those looking for the perfect comfort food fix should go for the Triple Szechwan Rice. An iconic Mumbai street food delight, fried rice, hakka noodles, and spicy gravy come together for a perfect balance of flavours. Served in vegetarian, chicken and options, the portion of szechwan rice is guaranteed to satisfy anyone with a hearty appetite.


Left to right: Jalebi with Rabdi (SG$8.00) and Pista Rasmalai (SG$7.50)

End off your dining experience at Copper Chimney with their decadent selection of traditional desserts. The Jalebi sees a freshly-made deep-fried, crunchy snack filled with a rich syrup that oozes out with every bite. However, the jalebi may be too sweet for comfort for many. The addition of Rabdi – a condiment akin to milk – helps in cutting out the overt sweetness of the jalebi, creating a perfect balance of flavour.

Meanwhile, the Pista Rasmalai is a simple, traditional dessert with a silky exterior and creamy and sweet on the inside – a delightful end to your meal that melts in your mouth!

Copper Chimney

Copper Chimney Interior

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 11:30am – 12:00am
Friday to Saturday: 11:30am – 1:00am
Venue: 100 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore 207676
For more information, visit

Photos by Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team.

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