“The only way we have monsters is if we create them”: Celebrity Designer ‘M’ on sustainable fashion and heading The Podium Lounge 2019’s Fashion Circuit

The Podium Lounge returns once again as the biggest track-side celebrations of the Formula 1 Grand Prix season. Held from 20 September to 22 September 2019 at the Grand Ballroom of The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, partygoers may just get to rub shoulders with celebrities, supermodels, and even Formula 1 drivers and teams!

The Podium Lounge: M interview - Melanie C
Melanie C will be opening The Podium Lounge’s first night

Opening The Podium Lounge Singapore is “Sporty Spice” Melanie C, who will be getting everyone in the mood for the night with her powerful DJ set. Day 2 sees world-renowned The Cuban Brothers starting the party with their risqué sketches, mind-blowing dance routines, and funk-fuelled music. On race night, British actor and singer-songwriter Raleigh Ritchie makes his first performance in Singapore, featuring tracks from his debut album ‘You’re A Man Now, Boy’.

The Podium Lounge’s signature Fashion Circuit is here to stay this year as well. Helmed by celebrity designer “M”, this year’s Fashion Circuit will showcase the Fall Collection of luxury streetwear brand MTHEMOVEMENT

The Podium Lounge: M interview - M at the Fashion Circuit 2018
Celebrity Fashion Designer, M of Mthemovement Kings

On Friday (20 Sep), M will unveil the SpydaSilk collection, featuring new technology in textiles – including the first-ever designer bulletproof sportswear. On Saturday (21 Sep), party-goers can look forward to M Resort, a colourful line of luxurious kaftans. On Sunday (22 Sep), models will strut the Peroni LED catwalk donned in M’s collection of designer and luxury streetwear, adorned by the bespoke CWM jewellery – a collaborative collection between M and Singapore brand CW Jewels.

We speak with M, who shares more on the line-up at this year’s Fashion Circuit, and gave his own insights on sustainable fashion and the industry at large.

1. How did your fashion brand rise to international fame?

The Podium Lounge: M interview - M (right)

M: My brand has attained international fame from a very cliché answer – hard work! I have been around for over 20 years internationally – living in Germany, Peru, China, Mexico, Turkey…to name a few. During these travels, I have relentlessly continued to promote the brand via fashion shows, press and exhibitions. The world is now small with all the technological advances (and the industry has always been), so I believe over time, the brand’s visibility has organically grown around the world!

2. How was the experience during your first Fashion Circuit in 2017, and what can event-goers look forward to at this year’s Fashion Circuit?

The Podium Lounge: M interview - Sukki Singapora
Burlesque performer and model Sukki Singapora on The Podium Lounge’s catwalk last year

M: This will be my third year (curating the shows)! The first year was fun as usual, but I would say less cohesive because every night was a different designer. This year, all the brands are under our umbrella corporation, Mthemovement Kings, so there will be more flow in the lines throughout the three nights.

3. Tell us more about the curation process for this year’s Fashion Circuit.

The Podium Lounge: M interview - MTheMovement Fashion Walk_men's fashion

M: Wow…where do I start? Every year is different, but it’s a long, tedious process. I first get a spark of inspiration from my many travels. Then I start sketching directly on the computer – some motifs, some colour direction, some silhouette. Then I visit factories and start to develop the ideas into prototypes, playing with embroideries and print treatments. One of the final steps is to merchandise the line to accompany the talents for the nights. Each night has its own vibe and sound based on the artists invited. I make it all work together, creating an experience that’s cohesive, memorable and fun!

4. What made you decide to collaborate with CW Jewels, as opposed to other jewellery brands?

M: I am all about aligning myself and my brand with like-minded individuals and companies. When I met the owner of CW Jewelry, Caroline Wihono, here in Singapore, I knew I had found a long-term partner I can work with. Her work ethics, her ‘can-do’ attitude, and out-of-the-box thinking was a match with my own company’s philosophy. I think this is key. It is not about how big the brand is, how successful, or its net worth. If the people involved have the same vision and work hard, they can ultimately ensure they increase their own fame, success, and net worth!

5. What kind of technology and materials are used in your SpydaSilk collection?

The Podium Lounge: MtheMovement Catwalk

M: SPYDASILK(TM) uses high performance, high-quality materials blended with a proprietary spider silk material to create a high-tech concept series fashion line. The collection we are showing at this year’s show is more streetwear-inspired and extremely functional!

Our goal is when the market sees our SPYDASILK(TM) logo, they will know it embodies high performance, high-tech, and environmentally friendly materials! Coupled with our futuristic fashion styles, our clients will be walking testimonies of the future of fashion!

6. On that note, how has your brand evolved to keep up with the growing trend in sustainable fashion?

The Podium Lounge: M interview - Maureen Wroblewitz
Asia’s Next Top Model Maureen Wroblewitz on The Podium Lounge 2018 Catwalk

M: We try our best to keep up with being sustainable – from our packaging to the way we structure and run our company. We believe in being lean, and a want-not-waste-not attitude. From my first job until today, I have seen the success of companies who run their day-to-day with a tight, lean team. I live by this and promote it. With that said, that’s how we keep waste at a minimum…by reducing wastes in overproduction in garments. We like to do limited runs and keep things simple.

7. We live in an era where consumers are actively seeking out sustainable and environmentally-friendly products. In your opinion, how does this affect the fashion industry, now and in the long run?

M: This greatly affects the fashion business in a good way. The only way we have monsters is if we create them. The pressure to have sustainable companies and fashion brands have broken up the conglomerates that once was – so from the ashes, arose many independent labels such as myself. The waste mostly came from bigger companies anyway… (these companies) produce so much clothing that they can negatively impact the world in a big way just from one season! So in this way, many new, smaller, more conscious brands can emerge, find their niche consumer, and sustain and grow! It’s a beautiful thing!

The Podium Lounge Singapore 2019

Date: 20 September (Friday) to 22 September 2019 (Sunday)
10pm – 4am
Grand Ballroom, The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore, Marina Bay, 7 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039799

Ticket prices start at S$188 for advance bookings and S$218 for door sales. For more information, visit

Photos courtesy of The Podium Lounge.

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