Lewin Terrace: A Sweet Dessert Buffet with Matcha and Ichigo

Lewin Terrace, an elegant Japanese-French restaurant located in Fort Canning, served up an indulgent lineup of dessert from 9 January to 29 March this year — the Oh! Matcha Season of Ichigo Afternoon Delight Dessert Buffet paired up the best of Japan’s staples — with Uji Matcha and Chitose Ichigo (strawberry). To add on to the ambience and dining experience, the restaurant collaborated with stylist Med Kärlek Inc. who embellished the buffet table with flowers, Japanese fans and art decor.

lewin terrace - buffet spread

I will begin introducing the dessert highlights with my personal favourite on the list: fresh Chitose strawberries with the accompanied toppings of condensed milk, matcha cream, syrup and powder. Though a simple combination, the strawberries and matcha cream worked really well together — on their own, the strawberries are not too sweet, but become just right when dipped into the strong and rich-tasting matcha cream.

lewin terrace - matcha pudding
Matcha Pudding

The Matcha Pudding is another unique dessert creation — served in a small egg-like container for aesthetic appeal, and sprinkled with Uji Matcha powder. However, this dampens the visual appeal of the pudding itself, and the egg-like container is too narrow for comfort. Taste-wise, the pudding has a saccharine and addictive flavour, which leaves you wanting more.

lewin terrace - Sencha Jelly
Sencha Jelly

For those looking for a lighter taste, try the Sencha (Japanese green tea) Jelly. Served in shot glasses as compared to the other cream-based desserts, it is refreshing in both look and taste. Take note that the jelly is just a tad sweet, perhaps a little too much for my liking.

lewin terrace - ichigo daifuku
Ichigo Daifuku

Special mentions go to the Ichigo Daifuku and Charcoal Matcha Roll Cake, both handmade treats served in a box. While the Daifuku is known for its sweet fillings such as red bean paste, The Ichigo Daifuku takes it up a notch by adding in whole strawberries into the filling for that extra juicy sweetness. The Charcoal Matcha Roll Cake has a cool creamy centre with the well-loved Uji Matcha flavour in abundance.

lewin terrace - matcha rolls

When placed side-to-side with Japanese-style desserts, the classic French pastries in the buffet pale in comparison, in both taste and creativity of presentation. The Madeleines in particular do not seem to have distinctive flavours, as their sweetness easily overpower the Ichigo or Matcha ingredients.

Lewin Terrace
Venue: 23B Coleman St, Singapore 179807
Opening Hours:
Wednesdays to Sundays, 12pm-3pm and 6.30pm-11pm
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Photos by Yang Yew of the DANAMIC team. Other visuals courtesy of Lewis Terrace.

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