Gifts Less Ordinary: Matrix Fengshui Blessings with Master SiewLi

Earlier this year, Gifts Less Ordinary — a Singapore-based luxury personalised gifts online marketplace — announced a first-time collaboration with Master SiewLi, a leading Fengshui and Bazi master in Singapore. The resultant Matrix Fengshui Blessings was a unique jewellery collection — featuring pieces crafted from precious metals and adorned with activated engravings for blessings and protection.

Designed and blessed by Master SiewLi, the jewellery pieces focus on blessings for good fortune, well-being, romance, career success, and harmony.

Each piece also comes with its own handy guide on activating its energy — derived from ancient metaphysical traditions and Chinese geomancy.

Whether you are a believer of Fengshui or not, these pieces are still thoughtful gifts with the power to captivate your loved ones with their unique designs.

Trinity-Eyed Series

gifts less ordinary - trinity eyed series
Trinity-Eyed Series (Necklaces and bracelets at $598 each)

Each piece from this series features the harmonious trinity of the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Eyes. Available in two popular colours, 925 Silver and Rose Gold, the charms come with adjustment to personal size. Prospective owners can choose from a set with open bangles, snake chain bracelets or braided rope bracelets.

Mystical Wish Cuffs

gifts less ordinary - mystical wish cuff
Mystical Wish Cuffs (Silver Small Cuff at $398, Silver Large Cuff at $498; Titanium Small Cuff at $498, Titanium Large Cuff at $528)

The inner surfaces of the Mystical Wish Cuffs series are engraved with mantras that bring luck and good fortune, while the outer surface features fortune wheel symbols that lend an alluring aesthetic to its entire design. Available in 990 Pure Silver or Dark Titanium, their minimalist and elegant designs can complement many occasions and outfits.

Romance Series

gifts less ordinary - media preview

For those specifically looking for gifts to boost luck in their love lives and or bring about healthy relationships, these romance charms can be considered. Studded with semi-precious stones with inscriptions that help wearers attract compatible partners, the pieces are stunning on their own and draw attention without being flamboyant. The Romance Series jewellery is available in 925 Silver or Rose Gold, and also with the option of a set with open bangles, snake chain bracelets, braided rope bracelets or slim box chain necklaces.

Career Fortune

gifts less ordinary - cuff bracelets and ring

Each Career Fortune cuff ring features a cut-out pattern of Matrix Fengshui symbols that accelerate and bright forth a growth in career fortune, as well as leadership skills, for its wearer. The rings are intricately designed with fine details that add a refined touch to most outfits, and come in adjustable sizes.

For more information on the Matrix Fengshui Blessings, visit

Photos by Soloman Soh of the DANAMIC team.

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