Brave Frontier X THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collaboration Returns!

Get ready to see your favourite Brave Frontier and KOF characters duke it out once again!

gumi Inc, has recently unveiled a new collaboration between their popular role-playing-game and SNK’s perennial fighting game series THE KING OF FIGHTERS (KOF). This marks the third time Brave Frontier has collaborated with THE KING OF FIGHTERS, with the previous event held between 22 February to15 March back in 2017.

From 25 April to 22 May 2019, Brave Frontier players will get the chance to acquire four new characters in-game.

Chizuru Kagura

Chizuru Kagura

One of the scions of the three families that had sealed the creature known as Orochi, Chizuru Kagura was a priestess, a martial artist, and an accomplished woman in her own right.



A powerful avatar of nature personified. Orochi began to spread its dark influence around the world to eradicate mankind from the world but was sealed away by three families after a mighty battle.

Orochi Iori

Orochi- ori

A strong warrior with no recollection of himself. The only thing he could remember was his desire for blood. Death! Massacre! These were the words whispered constantly in his mind. With a strange power running through his veins, his body moved with grace and ease, as if he had done it a million times before.

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo Kusanagi

A carefree fighter with the power to manipulate fire, Kyo Kusanagi was the scion of one of the three families that had sealed away the creature known as Orochi.

Additionally, Brave Frontier will also get the chance to experience previous THE KING OF FIGHTERS that appeared in the previous collaboration: Terry Bogard, Iori Yagami, Omega Rugal, Benimaru Nikaido, Kula Diamond, Athena Asamiya, Mai Shiranui, and Leona.

A new dungeon, THE KING OF FIGHTERS Arena, will also be made available to players during this collaboration. Battle with the best fighters and choose your own path as you try to complete the dungeon, earning special items along the way like The King of Fighters Sphere, Materials, and Gems.

Loyal players who log in daily during the collaboration period will also enjoy 21 days of rewards, including Gems and Summon Tickets.

The collaboration is already available today! If you missed the previous THE KING OF FIGHTERS collaboration or are a fan of the series, be sure to start playing today!

Brave Frontier is a free-to-play app available through the App Store, Google Play, Amazon App Store and Windows Store. For more information, visit the official site: http://bravefrontier.gumi.sg/

Visuals courtesy of gumi Asia.

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