Sandbox VR’s Amber Sky 2088, An Action-Packed Game Not To Be Missed

Combining the latest VR hardware technology, movie quality real-time motion capture rigs and AAA-quality content, Sandbox VR strives to deliver the best VR gaming experience on the planet. On that note, Sandbox VR’s Amber Sky 2088 – is its third and probably most ambitious game yet.

sandbox vr - reality

Prior to the game, players are required to suit up in the gaming gear provided. Players will be fitted with a VR head-mounted display, a headset, a backpack PC, a haptic tact suit and motion-capture devices on their wrists and ankles.

sandbox vr - gear

These devices enable players to communicate with the game master, as well as their teammates. Furthermore, the haptic tact suit is embedded with more than 40 vibration sensors, allowing players to feel every hit, exactly where they were hit, during the game.

sandbox vr - amber sky 2088

In Amber Sky 2088, players embark on a journey in the futuristic city of New Hong Kong and soar through the clouds. As they take in the cityscape, the curvature of the Earth and space itself, the Rancor invasion occurs. The team of players will be placed on Earth’s last standing space elevator while escorting a mysterious package that could be humanity’s last line of defence.

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Unlike its two previously released games – The Curse of Davy Jones and Deadwood Mansion – Amber Sky 2088 gives players more control over the game. Players get to choose to be an attacker or defender, each with its own unique weapons and strengths. The gameplay experience is heightened by the set-up, the narrative, and the graphics for a full-adrenaline action-immersion.

sandbox vr - attacker

The attacks come quick and fast from the get-go as players are elevated vertically towards space to secure and deliver the mystery package. As the game allows up to six players to play at each time, it may be ideal to play with a larger group to avoid “dying” too often.

sandbox vr - defender

The game does not pull its punches when it comes to action, so be prepared to be “fighting” almost throughout the 30-minute gameplay. If you are not a hard-core fan of action games, you may get bored or tired of it halfway through the game.

Nonetheless, it is a fun game as players can fully immerse themselves in this multi-sensory experience. Unlike action games seen in arcades, Amber Sky 2088 will require teamwork to succeed and trying to conquer the game solo will lead to an inevitable loss.

About Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR is the world’s leading virtual reality gaming experience company, with six stores around the world. The Sandbox VR experience consists of three parts. First, players will undergo a brief introduction on the gameplay and then proceed to suit up for the game. Thereafter, they will spend the next 30 to 35 minutes in the virtual realm of their selected game. Lastly, players will be able to view their generated video highlights in-store after the game and have the opportunity to share them with their friends.

Sandbox VR
Time: From 11.30am daily
Venue: Orchard Central, #05-31, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Prices start at S$32. For more information, visit

Photos by Nigel Noah Chan of the DANAMIC team. Visuals courtesy of Sandbox VR.

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