“We got so excited during the rehearsals!”: 6 Questions with Ken and Hiro from Crossfaith

It is not difficult to notice Crossfaith, who stood out as the only heavy music act at Skechers Sundown Festival 2019.

crossfaith interview - concert front shot

Before their set, we managed to chat with Kenta Koie (lead vocalist) and Hiroki Ikegawa (bassist) against the scenic sea view to tell us more about their latest album, Ex_Machina (2018), and their thoughts on Asia’s rock scene.

Skechers Sundown 2019: Crossfaith Cover

1. You have just completed your Ex_Machina Climax Tour. How was it and what was the most memorable moment for you?

crossfaith interview - concert side shot

Hiro: It’s been a while since we did a one-man show in Japan, so we got full-blown action on stage, including LED screens behind us. We got so excited during just the rehearsals! For our shows this time, we added in scenes of us performing for the visuals – we had to do a lot of liaising with the movie production company. Coupled with our wardrobe change during the set and the concert vibes, I felt really satisfied with what we have made for our shows.

Ken: I agree. We never really watch our own show. So, it was kind of interesting to see the visuals at the LED panels behind us. It felt amazing because it was then that we actually saw what we were bringing onto the stage for our fans. That was my memorable moment.

2. What was the inspiration behind Ex_Machina?

Ken: The story behind Ex_Machina is about angels and devils, whereby the angels are controlling the people and forcing them to conform. They try to keep the people out of harm’s way, but inevitably make them oblivious and disconnected to the reality that is happening around them as well. The devils are aware of this and hence, clash with the angels in an effort to make the people see what they have been turning a blind eye to.

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Hiro: It expresses our concern as to how detrimental technology can be, especially to the younger generation. If we just talk about the problems revolving around technology directly to people, no one is going to listen. So we weaved it into a story, and that story is Ex_Machina.

3. Which track do each of you resonate with the most?

Hiro: Destroy – I really love the sound of the track.

Ken: For me, it would be Eden In The Rain as it was my first song that I wrote for the Crossfaith record.

4. It has been six years since your last visit to Singapore! Is there anything you guys plan to see or do here apart from your time at the festival?

Skechers Sundown 2019: Crossfaith Interview

Ken: We’re sightseeing here (in Sentosa) right now! We haven’t got anything planned at the moment, so we’re open to recommendations.

5. From being the opening act and supporting act for artistes such as Bring Me The Horizon and Alesana, to being one of the headliners at Skechers Sundown Festival – do you think there is a growing fanbase in Singapore for Crossfaith as well as for the metal scene?

crossfaith interview - fans

Ken: It depends on the country. For example, there is a huge rock scene in Indonesia. I can’t speak for Singapore as I have no idea about Singapore bands or local artistes. But we really want to connect with local bands and hopefully, it could lead to something. Recently, there have been so many indie rock bands popping out in Asia, so that is going to be something huge (in the future).

6. Is there any artiste that you guys wish to collaborate or tour with in the future?

Skechers Sundown 2019: Hiro Interview

Hiro: Ken just said he wanted to work with Gene Shinozaki, the beatboxer. Or we could also work with rappers. Personally, I would like to work with French DJ Brodinski.

Skechers Sundown Festival ran from 19 April 2019 to 21 April 2019. For more information, visit

Photos by Goh Jing Wen of the DANAMIC team.

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