Jasmine Sokko Rises to Top 15 in ‘Rave Now’ <<即刻电音 >>

Jasmine Sokko rises to the top 15 in China’s hottest electronic music reality show <<即刻电音 Rave Now>>. The online reality show pits electronic music producers through weekly elimination rounds, with the winner earning the prestigious honour of performing at Tomorrowland 2019 at Boom, Belgium.

Jasmine Sokko: Rave Now EP6

Performing her winning number ‘1057’ with a refreshed look that charmed all three celebrity mentors, Jasmine Sokko once again showcased her musical diversity with an up-tempo production. The performance also saw her masterfully incorporating Lay Zhang’s vocal sample into an original single, winning his vote of confidence. Lay Zhang remarked on Jasmine’s impeccable knack for top-line melodies, while Wowkie Zhang praised the song for its catchy pop hook.

Jasmine Sokko: Top 15 (2)

Furthermore, ‘1057’ has also racked up over 1 million views on <<即刻电音 Rave Now>>’s official Weibo over the weekend. Besides trending on Weibo, Jasmine Sokko has won the hearts of many Chinese netizens, gaining more than 25,000 fans on the Chinese social media platform within 3 weeks.

Jasmine Sokko: Top 15 (3)

Advancing to round 4 of the competition, Jasmine Sokko is the only Singaporean female producer in the quarter-finals. From here, the EDM talent show sees the top 15 contestants vying for the coveted winning spot and the opportunity to perform at Tomorrowland 2019 – the world’s biggest dance music festival.

Watch Jasmine Sokko’s 1057 performance here:

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