Local Musician Jasmine Sokko Steals the Limelight in China’s EDM Talent Show, <<即刻电音 Rave Now>>

Singapore’s rising singer-producer Jasmine Sokko makes her first foray into China with her participation in the country’s hottest electronic music reality show, <<即刻电音 Rave Now>>.

Jasmine Sokko Rave Now: Performance

The online reality show will pit electronic music producers through weekly elimination rounds, with the winner earning the prestigious honour of performing at the world’s biggest dance music festival, Tomorrowland 2019. Celebrity mentors include Mando-popstar Lay Zhang 张艺兴 (member of K-pop group EXO), electronic pop starlet Laure Shang 尚雯婕, Chinese singer/actor Wowkie Zhang 大张伟 and Norwegian super star DJ Alan Walker.

Jasmine Sokko Rave Now: Keyboards

Jasmine Sokko won over celebrity mentors Lay Zhang and Alan Walker during her debut appearance on <<即刻电音 Rave Now>>.  Lay Zhang was impressed by a 30 seconds snippet of Jasmine’s original track, #0000FF. “Jasmine has left a deep impression on me. Her vocal quality is beyond any words I can describe. The moment I heard ‘#0000FF’, I was hooked,” recalls Lay Zhang.

Jasmine Sokko charmed the judges with a sensual live performance of #0000FF, which has been adapted with Mandarin lyrics. Lay Zhang cements his love for the singer, adding, “I love Jasmine’s musical style – both the production and the melody are very ‘futuristic.’ She has a lot of potential and she’s super dope!”

Jasmine Sokko Rave Now: #0000FF

Since her appearance and performance went live on Tencent Video on Saturday night (December 15), Jasmine Sokko has set China’s social media on fire and is currently trending on Weibo at Top 25. The performance video of #0000FF has risen to the #2 spot on the weekly <<即刻电音 Rave Now>> charts.

Explaining why she took part in <<即刻电音 Rave Now>>, Jasmine Sokko said: “I spent so much of my youth listening to music from the Western world. This experience has taught me a different way of viewing and working on music. Music created in China has a visceral and tender element, despite not being as straightforward in its lyrics. I am starting to embrace my roots as an Asian artist in the electronic music world. Something cool is brewing in China and I want to be part of it.”

Jasmine Sokko Rave Now: On Stage

The Singaporean singer-songwriter also shares her experience being on the show thus far, saying: “It has been a nerve-wracking and exciting experience. Besides creating music in Mandarin (which I’ve never done before), I learnt a lot about other Asian music industries and culture. It has been challenging, due to the intense schedule and number of song revisions to prepare for Round 1. However, I am happy that the show producers chose to use my original song ‘#0000FF’ in the end. And I got to perform my original work on an international platform.”

Jasmine Sokko: Publicity Shot

Fascinated by human connection, Jasmine Sokko’s songwriting embraces emotional vulnerability. Her debut single ‘1057‘ was listed as “the must-listen local track of the day” in Spotify Singapore and became the #1 song on the platform’s Top 50 Viral chart in October 2016. Furthermore, Jasmine Sokko has performed at festivals like Ultra Music Festival Singapore 2017 and opened for international music acts like The Chainsmokers, MØ and Lauv.

New weekly episodes of <<即刻电音 Rave Now>> are streamed exclusively every Saturday, 8pm on Tencent Video, from 1 December 2018 onwards. Stay tuned to Jasmine Sokko’s social media channels for constant updates on her progress in <<即刻电音 Rave Now>>.

You go, girl!

Watch Jasmine Sokko’s #0000FF performance here:

Photos Courtesy of Star Media Entertainment and Jayden Tan

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