Electropop local musician Edson Charntor releases new party track ‘You’

Aspiring pop musician Edson Charntor (real name Edson Chong), released his latest single ‘You’ last week (30 November).

Charntor’s first single, ‘Freedom’, gained unexpected popularity on Spotify, sitting on 140,000 streams with 3,000 saves. While ‘Freedom’ reflected his desire to enjoy freedom before adult responsibilities set in, Charntor revealed that ‘You’ is the “banger” in his upcoming EP and has no deeper meaning beyond wanting to party with someone.

Edson Charntor: You

You’ has a catchy and repetitive beat, and the lyrics are not easily discernible amidst the background music. This could be intentional as Charntor explained that the mood of the song is transcribed by the synths used in the track.

Citing SZA, Dua Lipa, DEAN, and Kendrick Lamar as his main influences, the singer-songwriter’s musical style gravitates towards electropop, although his songs also features an eclectic mix of genres. With the messages of his songs themed on millennial consciousness and self-care, the singer-songwriter aims to create a signature sound that will resonate well with mainstream listeners. It is also notable that the 21-year-old produces all elements of his music, which includes mastering the track, writing the lyrics, and producing the instrumentals used!

In his next line of plans, Edson Charntor will be releasing his first EP in June next year. Titled ‘Youth Function’, it sums up the joys and frustrations of being a teenager.

He shares, “Right now, I am at (the third song of the EP) with ‘Labels’, which talks about being yourself and dismissing any insults or labels others have made on your appearance (or) personality, because individualism is precious and you don’t need validation from others.”

Listen to ‘You’ on Spotify: 

Visuals courtesy of Edson Charntor

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