From K-Pop to Theme Parks: Seungri opens first VR Theme Park in Singapore with MediaFront

Big Bang’s Seungri launched Singapore’s first-ever virtual reality (VR) theme park, HeadRock VR, during the media preview yesterday on 15 November 2018.

HeadRock VR: Zombie

The 500 square-metres, fully air-conditioned indoor theme park features 11 attractions that range from the highly-rated VR rhythm game, Beat Saber, to adrenaline pumping rides, such as Jungle Rafting – a crowd favourite in Las Vegas, Korea, and China which features an exhilarating and hair-raising escapade during the Mesozoic era, with Seungri’s voice guidance in the background of the ride.

HeadRock VR: Jungle Rafting
Big Bang’s Seungri and his lucky fans on the Jungle Rafting ride.

With his passion for spreading happiness and fun for everyone, Seungri was selected as the Creative Director of HeadRock VR. The South Korean singer-songwriter is also active in managing many businesses such as ramen restaurant Aori Ramen, club-lounge Monkey Museum, and DJ label Natural High Records, which aligned with the vision of the theme.

HeadRock VR: Storm Blizzard
HeadRock VR’s Storm Blizzard ride

His favourite ride, Storm Blizzard, features a ride through snow-covered roads on a dog sled. He adds that Singaporeans, in particular, will enjoy the cool environment setting of the ride.

This will be the first HeadRock VR theme park in the world, making its debut in Singapore. Located at Resorts World Sentosa, the location of the theme park was strategically chosen due to the “high volume of global tourists”, alongside other notable local attractions such as Universal Studios Singapore, iFly indoor skydiving, and wax museum Madame Tussauds.

HeadRock VR: VIP

Expressing his hope to win the hearts of Singaporeans here, MediaFront’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Park Hong Que added that the HeadRock VR theme park will create a “new and unique experience” for those interested in extreme outdoor activities in a safe and comfortable environment. The VR technology provides both immersion and interaction opportunities, creating a 360-experience and transporting anyone to a whole new world in a heartbeat.

HeadRock VR: Jump Jump

Although VR technology has been around for a long time, it has only been implemented recently. CEO Park stated that the year of 2017 was a significant year in opening up the potential of VR to business opportunities, as more people were picking up on the VR trend. Hence, the headsets that HeadRock VR theme park are using is “more affordable”, and moving forward, the innovation and possibilities of VR will create a more powerful experience that goes beyond the realms of entertainment.

HeadRock VR: Robin Hood

The attractions are categorised into 3 zones: Blue Zone, Orange Zone, and Green Zone to represent varying levels of experience. Attractions can also be chosen according to the preferred package.

For those who cannot wait, HeadRock VR will be running a special opening promotion: from 17 November 2018 to 16 December 2018, tickets will be entitled to a 15% discount.

Package TypeDetailsPriceOpening Promotion
Big 72 Blue/3 Orange/2 GreenS$65S$55
Big 51 Blue/2 Orange/2 GreenS$50S$43
Big 31 Blue/1 Orange/1 GreenS$35S$30

Ticket Category

Storm BlizzardExtreme TrainVR Room
Jump JumpJungle RaftingRobin Hood
Flying DiveHorror RoomZombie Busters
Beat SaberSkyscraper

Tickets can be purchased at HeadRock VR’s Box Office at Sentosa, or online on SISTIC:

Photos by Isa, and Brandon Neo of the DANAMIC team.

Danial, Isa, Khayri, Jammerohd, and Jerome

Written by students from Greendale Secondary School as part of the Work Experience Programme with DANAMIC.

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