How to Choose the Right Window Blinds for Your Home

I have never thought much about window treatments for my home until I had to plan for my renovation a few months ago. In fact, window treatments are the most underrated part of home renovations, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

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What most of us do not know, is this: window treatments – such as blinds, curtains, and shades – are more than just dressing for your window. With the right consideration and planning, these treatments are functional and essential in privacy control, and filtering natural light (and sounds!) for your homes.

Based on the style of your home decor, budget, and needs, we give you the lowdown on everything you need to know on window blinds and clue you in on what’s best for your home.

1. Wind Protection & Home Privacy

For homes located in breezy areas, curtains will be a less ideal choice for your windows, unless you enjoy the sight of your curtains being blown out of the window every now and then. Even if your curtains are made of a thicker and heavier fabric, it still may not be completely immune to strong winds.

Horizontal blinds are a better choice in this aspect. Made up of horizontal slats, these blinds are usually controlled by a classic chain pulley system, and each piece of horizontal fabric is spread apart to provide complete shade for the window. Horizontal blinds are also an ideal choice for window privacy.

Do ensure that these blinds can be secured to the end of the window frame so that they do not cause a racket and flap around in breezy conditions.

2. Interior Style

mc2: Interior Style

While interior style is subject to personal preference, there are a wide variety of styles to go for. By default, window blinds are easily suited for the different interior styles as it comes in varying thickness, patterns, fabric, and colour. The clean-cut look of window blinds helps to imbue a sense of structure to your space, and blinds are often incorporated in Scandinavian-style homes. White blinds exude a classic and clean colonial aesthetics, while wooden accents portray an exquisite minimalist look.

Do experiment around with the fabric and colour of your window blinds!

3. Light & Sound Insulation

mc2: Light & Sound Insulation

Insulating sound and filtering light in homes will probably be the main reason what most people will use window blinds for. Indeed, having too much sunlight can be detrimental to your furniture, space, and even flooring. Window blinds are perfect for keeping out the heat, especially those made of light-coloured fabrics as they are ideal for reflecting the heat away from the interior of your homes. Alternatively, wooden blinds are another option for redirecting sunlight. To control the amount of light filtering, simply adjust the slats accordingly.

For those whose homes are situated near train tracks or construction works and major roads, these noises can be greatly reduced by using blinds made of wood or bamboo.

4. Maintenance

If you prefer a hassle-free way of maintenance, window blinds are the perfect solution. Cleaning your blinds once a month is sufficient for most homes, and vacuuming the blinds and wiping the specks of dust off each slat with a cloth is all that you’ll need to do. This is significantly less laborious and time-consuming as compared to washing curtains and fabric shades. As such, window blinds are also much more durable and long-lasting than curtains or window shades.

mc2: Roller Blinds

For a much more convenient way of maintenance, opt for roller blinds: these are less demanding with its cleaning regimes as you can simply hand-wash or spot clean them.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

mc2: Cost Effectiveness

Where costs are concerned, window blinds may not be the cheapest option, but it is the most cost-effective one as a long-term investment for your homes. Prices may differ based on the choice of fabric or type of blinds. In terms of affordability, materials like vinyl are generally more affordable than heavier or fancier designed ones, such as wood or aluminium.

Do consider the different materials and types of blinds for your home carefully – it is easy to settle with a cheap one that may not address the needs of your home.

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