Review: The Philips SpeedPro Max Makes Cleaning Swift, Smooth and Stylish

The SpeedPro Max, a new cordless cleaner from Philips, is said to be one of the better cordless vacuums in the market. The two-in-one cleaner clocked in the fastest cordless cleaning experience. The vacuum is able to deliver suction in every direction through its 360-degree nozzle (that comes with stylish LED lights) and is powered by a 25.2V lithium-ion rechargeable battery that allows for a cordless vacuuming time of up to 65 minutes.

The Philips Speedpro Max is the perfect home appliance to clean up every nook and cranny of your home.

The vacuum is designed to address the tiresome problem of vacuuming twice to ensure all the dust gets trapped – and it delivers on that count. We were able to capture most of the dirt with one fluid stroke. Not needing to vacuum twice makes every move count, and of course, saves precious minutes.

Philips Speedpro: Carpet
Waste no time with the Philips Speedpro Max.

The steady battery performance of the vacuum was pleasing. The device lasted for an hour before it required a recharge (with an effortless charging cable that attaches to SpeedPro Max magnetically). An average apartment in Singapore would take about an hour to clean anyway, so it works out pretty well.

Philips Speedpro: Cobweb
An hour is all you need for an enjoyable cordless vacuum experience!

Another feature that users will appreciate is the efficient wall-mounted base unit that comes handy as it allows the user to grab-and-use with ease, yet takes up minimal storage space. , eliminates the laborious process of dismantling the vacuum and keeping it away.

The cleaner also impressed with the variety of textures it can clean on, which includes walls, carpets, and various furniture. Speaking of furniture, the Speedpro Max also comes with built-in lights for easy cleaning under furniture – an understated but useful feature.

Philips Speedpro: Under the table
Be gone, pesky dust specks!

However, the cleaner’s suction could admittedly afford to be stronger. While the PowerCyclone 8 (the bagless technology employed by the Speedpro Max) promises stronger suction, when used with a Q-tip, plastic wrapper and a tissue, only the tissue managed sucked in. This was a tad underwhelming as the cleaner prides itself on taking in more than 1000 litres of air per minute.

The Philips SpeedPro Max is a reliable, fuss-free cleaner for a household that is able to withstand a little weight and a dent in your pocket. At the end of the day, choosing a vacuum cleaner does not solely rely on its specifications but on your needs as well. Considerations such as bagless technology, cordless and weight should play a part in choosing the right fit for your home.

Photos courtesy of Philips Singapore.

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