The Definitive Rat Pack: Songs From A Golden Era

2016 brought us La La Land and the wonders of Ryan Gosling; with 2017 came The Greatest Showman, and the chance to rewrite the stars. 2018 is no exception, with a twist – a chance for us to revisit the charm and gentility of old world jazz. Think the swish of deep red curtains unravelling, double-breasted suits and bowties, and the lingering, sultry tones of classical jazz…

What better way to bring back the sixties than through a night of Sinatra and Sammy?

Let The Definitive Rat Pack bring you back to the dip and swing of a gentler time, an era of subtle old world charm and playfully flirtatious piano jazz, for a night of classics.

Break out the bowties and snazzy shift dresses for a night of jazz. You don’t need to travel to the West End to get your fill of sixties’ classics – June 2018 will see The Definitive Rat Pack perform at five-star hotel-resort One Farrer Hotel & Spa for two nostalgic nights, as the latest endeavour of the British Theatre Playhouse.

Bandy around for a night of sultry voices and saxophones, where the indomitable trio of Stephen Triffitt, Mark Adams, and George Daniel Long will work their magic as some of The Rat Pack’s finest – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis Jr. respectively.

Fans of 60’s music will remember The Rat Pack fondly – the group that created deep ripples in the sixties’ music scene, with sold-out shows featuring classics such as King Of The Road and What Kind Of Fool Am I (remember that ditty?). Starring the original members of the musical The Rat Pack: Live From Las Vegas that first premiered in the West End, The Definitive Rat Pack has taken the world by storm, being renowned as outstanding interpreters of The Rat Pack.

The audience can look forward to bringing back the past with a repertoire that’s enough to transport you back into the era of shift dresses and Mary Janes, through timeless classics such as Fly Me To The Moon, Mack The Knife, The Lady Is a Tramp, Something’s Gotta Give, and Mr Bojangles. Think twice if you’re expecting just a night of songs with dapper gentlemen and old-school glitz and glamour – having over a decade’s experience in interpreting The Rat Pack, Triffitt, Adams, and Long have dazzled audiences all over the world with some of the sixties’ finest tunes.

The trio isn’t all to look forward to – they’ll be accompanied by some of the UK’s most sublime musicians, as well as a renowned guest performer from the West End who will be portraying Nancy Sinatra.

What’s more, these performances aren’t just entertainment – they are for a good cause too. Beyond an opportunity to enjoy a live performance of classic jazz numbers, the British Theatre Playhouse has chosen to organise an “Art for Charity Gala” in support of The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, which aims to nurture 16,000 financially needy children by granting them the opportunity to further themselves artistically, giving back to the community.

A night of classy jazz, and for a worthy cause – what more could you ask for?

The Definitive Rat Pack

  • Date: 26 and 27 June 2018
  • Venue: Grand Ballroom, One Farrer Hotel & Spa

Tickets start at $98. Visit here for more information!

Visuals courtesy of British Theatre Playhouse.

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