Popping Open A Cold One with Carlsberg

Beer is the hallmark of all great civilisations – transcending culture, geography, and time, its constant reinvention has seen it promising a good time to the likes of the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, and of course, the teenager looking for his first casual taste of booze. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could improve such a classic drink but Carlsberg happily defies this notion with the official launch of the new Carlsberg “POP Cap” Smooth Draught Pint.

Comfortably hosted at Zouk, the launch party last month saw partygoers being treated to an evening of fun and chill vibes. From a magic show to the inaugural Carlsberg Smooth Draught Beer Pong Championship, the limelight was firmly cast on the alcoholic star of the evening.

But what exactly does this new brew of beer bring to the table that sweeps the rest of the cold pints away?

Tailor-made for Millennial Drinking

The biggest innovation that Carlsberg brings to the party is the “POP Cap” bottle design that complements its Smooth Draught Pint. Doing away with the need for a bottle opener, the “POP Cap” lets you enjoy the beery smooth goodness of Carlsberg with a simple pop.

The “POP Cap” is ridiculously Instagrammable, almost as if it was custom-made for Boomerangs and other quirky shenanigans; infusing an element of fun into your casual drinking. The convenience of the Carlsberg “POP Cap” Smooth Draught Pint makes it a very attractive choice whenever you’re in the mood for a casual drink. Many of us would have experienced the frustration of scrambling for a bottle opener, or fallen prey to more outlandish ways of opening a beer bottle. With its pull-ring feature on its bottles, the “POP Cap” takes all of the hassles away and dares you to not have fun while enjoying the Smooth Draught.

Easy, Light Drinking

Of course, everyone at the launch party was plied with copious amounts of the Carlsberg Smooth Draught, with constant “popping” peppered in between smiles and laughter. The Smooth Draught itself lives up to its name indeed, with a velvety mouthfeel that left a pleasant linger on the palate as it slides down your throat.

Mr Olivier Dubost, General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore at the official launch event.

As the General Manager of Carlsberg Singapore, Mr Olivier Dubost, shares, the Smooth Draught is brewed with twice the usual amount of hops, and yet undergoes a fermentation that lasts twice as long as the usual lager. This unique process allows the Smooth Draught to have a well-balanced flavour while avoiding the bitterness that can often cause first-timers or those with more sensitive palates to balk.

If you’re in the mood for a drink, leave your bottle openers at home and start “popping” a Carlsberg Smooth Draught Pint at selected pubs, bars, restaurants, coffeeshops, and hawker centres!

Photos courtesy of Carlsberg Singapore.

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