Forest Adventure: 3 Hours of Fun in Singapore’s Iconic Treetop Obstacle Course

In Singapore where it is a dense and concrete jungle, it might seem difficult to find some unique outdoor fun here. At the turn of every corner in our little red dot, one will either be greeted by the lifeless facades of HDB blocks, or pricey shopping malls. As the years go by, along with the economic growth of the nation, our childhood escapades have all but reignited. But all hope for fun in the outdoors is not lost – turn your heads (and hopes) to the East and Forest Adventure awaits to fill the void!

Located at Bedok Reservoir Park, Forest Adventure is no stranger to locals, as it is Singapore’s first and only treetop obstacle course. However, the biggest deal about it is that the outdoor recreation centre has expanded by nearly 50% this year, guaranteeing 3 hours of solid fun with its adrenaline pumping obstacle courses.

It aims to uphold this promise through a few ways: firstly, Forest Adventure’s sturdy harness and other safety equipment will alleviate all your safety concerns at every moment throughout the course with its continuous belaying system. Secondly, the expansion of the entire facility is spread across 1 hectare of land, encompassing 69 crossings and 6 zip lines through the Bedok Reservoir Park, and it is also categorised to suit 3 age-appropriate courses: Kids Course (for children aged 5 to 10), Junior Course (for children who are not ready for the Grand Course), and Grand Course.

Last but certainly not least, there is an option to seal the finale of your course completion with grandiose by going on Forest Adventure’s highest and longest zip-line – it is 14 metres in height and covering a distance of 300 metres. This, to me, is the highlight of Forest Adventure now, as the zip-line allows an unprecedented thrill and a completely unobstructed view of the park’s nature in its full glory.

Having experienced the Grand Course in its entirety with my team members, we have picked the top 5 adrenaline-pumping obstacles from Forest Adventure that got us screaming – all in the name of fun (and sometimes, fear).

1. Tarzan Swing Big

The best isn’t saved for the last this time… it deserves to top the list! For this obstacle, you have to climb up to about a height of 5 storeys high, bid a good farewell to your comrades waiting behind you, and take the ultimate leap of faith. Even for the bravest of souls, the Tarzan Swing Big will scare them all into crying for their mummies once their feet find zero footing. This obstacle feels like a mini bungee jump, as it swings you all the way for about 15 metres horizontally until you find solace at the rope netting at the other side.

Even after doing the obstacle, hints of your piercing screams will still come back to haunt you as you begin to move on to other obstacles – it’s that traumatic. Overall, the Tarzan Swing Big makes roller coasters look like child’s play, and the only thing that could possibly be more extreme than this is probably some of the world’s tallest bungee jumps.

P.S. For added thrill (as if it’s not enough), take a few steps back, run, jump, and cling on to the rope netting for dear life.

2. Plank Crossing

Warning: This is not your typical plank crossing. If you think that the experience of crossing this thing is akin to your short, 5-metre long wooden plank – think again. Less than 10 cm wide and 1.5 metres long, you must depend on your primal instincts to achieve a good balance. Should you tip off balance, knock on wood (pun intended), the safety harness will save you from being thrown off the game.

It’s a pity that the Plank Crossing course was a fairly short stint though; you’ll be done after crossing nearly 10 of those, but perhaps some of you might heave a sigh of relief upon this realization.

3. Jamor Crossing

Picture yourself stepping on tall, empty bamboo shoots. Okay, now imagine 20 more in front of you, and balance yourself while stepping on them in quick succession. Pretty impossible if you ask me! Standing as one of the more underestimated obstacles in Forest Adventure’s Grand Course, the Jamor Crossing is actually extremely challenging. If you pride yourself as a gladiator for completing obstacles in record time, the Jamor Crossing will be a substantial stumbling block.

If you’re feeling courageous, attempt Jamor Crossing in double-quick time.

4. Wooden Fisherman’s Trap

Wooden Fisherman’s Trap is so named probably because it returns karma back to the fisherman (aka, you), making you feel the hopeless struggle that every unfortunate fish would face once they get trapped in their net of doom. In this obstacle, you have to climb your way both sideways and up so that you can find a sweet spot to cross over to the next net, and inch closer to the platform at the other side.

5. Big Zip

There’s no better – and other – way to wrap up an eventful day at Forest Adventure without attempting the Big Zip: it truly seals the deal. All zip-lines should aspire to be like the Big Zip, which is a standalone 300-metre zip entirely above the water, and it starts at a platform that is 14 metres above the ground. Whizzing across the inner diameter of Bedok Reservoir, you’re in for a visual treat of the serene water catchment area. Time will seem to stop for a moment, and that panoramic snapshot of the horizon will forever be etched in your memory.

In short, the Big Zip is more than just the longest and highest zip-line as part of Forest Adventure’s offerings: it is also a chance for you to experience a view that is impossible anywhere else in Singapore. However, do note that the Big Zip is not a standalone attraction, and is only accessible to course ticket holders only. This makes it much more meaningful and gratifying for course participants, as they are given exclusive access to experience this highly coveted zip-line.

The list of these 5 obstacles is merely a teaser to what Forest Adventure has to offer. Expect an afternoon or evening of pure thrill and fun – and a good workout while you’re at it! Find out more at Forest Adventure’s website, here!

Forest Adventure is open daily from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm (closed on Monday except for public holidays). The last departure on the Grand Course is 4pm, 4.30pm on the Junior Course, and 5pm on the Kids Course. 

Photos by Brandon Neo and Bryan Chua; videography by Arthur Keng of the DANAMIC team.

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