When Coffee Meets The Taste Of Gula Melaka: Dal.Komm Coffee’s Coconut Coffee Mixtur

No matter the time or mood of the day, the intoxicating fragrance of a good cup of coffee would never fail to lift spirits or calm souls. This olfactory experience is probably one of the main reasons why passionate coffee lovers keep coming back for more. But would this experience change, if it was fusion coffee?

I had a taste of Dal.Komm Coffee’s limited-edition Coconut Coffee Mixtur, which was a unique concoction of both flavour and fusion.

The satisfaction of pouring it all in!

Priced at $8.90, the Coconut Coffee Mixtur is a creation made out of coconut milk, which is blended with ice and topped off with two glorious shots of espresso. At the core of it though, is a uniquely-Singaporean taste that resembles good ol’ Gula Melaka!

I was definitely curious to find out how this eclectic combination was devised. Right from the initial sip, there is a hint of brown sugar goodness that complements perfectly with the espresso. This suggests that the Gula Melaka takes a back seat and would not be too overpowering or intimidating for those who might be afraid that the beverage would be a sweet treat instead. Although the composition of the drink seems simple, the aftertaste that the Coconut Coffee Mixtur leaves behind is a fragrant and sophisticated palate.

A limited-edition, special signature.

Dal.Komm Coffee’s limited-edition offering continues the lingering taste with a unique shade of bitterness from their espresso blend, but progressively switches things up with the Gula Melaka’s saccharine slickness, leaving a sweet-bitter pop aftertaste and a thirst for more. When it got to the last few sips of the straw, I was left conflicted about how I would feel if I indulge in a second cup: would I feel sick from overindulgence, or be re-invigorated by its caffeinated charm?

While that remains to be known, what I do know, is that the first cup of Coconut Coffee Mixtur made my afternoon sunnier.

The Coconut Coffee Mixtur is available for a limited time at all Dal.Komm Coffee Outlets as part of its Summer Series. Other offerings from the Summer Series include Pina Kolada, Coconut Latte, Summer Berry Mixtur, Strawberry Milk Tea Bingsu, Carbonara Pizza and Croque Madame.

Photos by Bryan Chua of the DANAMIC Team.

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