Mobile Printing For Digital Natives: Canon PIXMA TS307

How often have you found yourself emailing and editing documents through your smartphone? They’ve come to take on a much bigger role in our everyday lives, and sometimes the hassle of getting something off your phone onto a computer just to print it out, just isn’t worth it. Meet Canon’s PIXMA TS307, a wireless printer designed for digital natives!

“The PIXMA TS307 reflects Canon’s continuous efforts to incorporate innovative features in our product offerings through keen insights on the evolution of technology and consumer trends,” said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore. “Working spaces and habits are changing and smartphones are playing a vital role in our everyday needs and how we share content. The PIXMA TS307 was designed in a thoughtful manner to enable users to print their essential documents conveniently without the use of PCs or laptops.”

Scanning a document can now be done seamlessly – just by taking a photo with your phone! This is done through the stylish grid surface on the printer’s surface that serves as a slip-resistant document scan table, where you place your documents or books before snapping a photo via the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app. The edges of the scan subject are automatically detected, and images are optimized through the application for brightness and contrast before printing.

Alternatively, images can be converted to PDF format and saved to the local library of the mobile device, cloud service, or sent over email. You also have the option of Bluetooth or other wireless options like AirPrint on iOS devices and Wireless Pictbridge.

Imagine a heartwarming birthday greeting that carries voices and sounds from an actual celebration, or a photo postcard of a concert that emits the very tunes being played at the performance. With the new Message in Print app, you can hide personalised messages with animations or links to web videos in any photo. Check out their ad-spot, if you haven’t to see it in action!

The PIXMA TS307 is bundled with Canon’s efficient low-cost ink cartridges, PG-745S and CL-746S – with the capacity to print up to 100 pages in black and colour, meant for those occasional prints (with standard-to-XL ink cartridge options for you heavy ones). Get yours at all Canon authorised dealers at the recommended retail price of $59!


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