Taking Music & Dance Education Further: Singapore Raffles Music College’s New Campus

The Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC), has been one of Singapore’s most established institutions of higher learning for music and dance education since 2001, and now they’ve officially launched their new campus!

Mr. Hu said, “Traditionally in Singapore, music and dance has been viewed more as a hobby and less so as a viable career option. With Singapore actively promoting the performing arts, and the recent success of talent imports into other music markets, it is about time we recognise that in today ’ s economic climate, the arts can serve as a viable career path. We aim to give students a thorough grounding in both the technical and practical skills required to thrive and succeed in the highly competitive performing arts scene.”

A culmination of a whopping 2.5 million dollar investment, including C-Pop singer, turned angel investor, Hu Haiquan, as well as the China First Capital Group – the new campus at 456 Alexandra Road will provide students with the necessary resources to master their craft and pursue their careers in their respective fields.

The school offers specialised music and dance degree programmes, to allow students to excel in different niche sectors of the market, whether it would be producing modern pop music or even video game soundtracks. Additionally, SRMC actively engages with the industry to deploy a highly qualified academic team for proven success in the industry.

“We are very excited that our new campus will house state-of-the-art facilities, such as the dance studios and the recording studio, and are very thankful that all our stakeholders also share the same vision of advancing our student’s capabilities,” said Mr. Ryan Goh, Executive Director, SRMC. “We remain committed to providing the best teaching environment, established mentors and teachers to bring out the best in our students and give them a head start in their careers.”

Since its 2001 establishment, SRMC has produced many successful alumni, such as Kane Teo Yude, who has gone on to win the first prize at London College of Music’s John Ireland Competition.

With the launch of the new campus, SRMC aims to grow the arts scene in Singapore and continue grooming talent for the continued growth and evolution of the local arts scene – priding itself as the first private tertiary institution outside the UK to offer these programmes.


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