Takuji Kogo: *CANDY FACTORY PROJECT 2017 is a flavorful exhibition that left a tart, somber taste.

The mobile exhibition features independent pieces from internationally acclaimed artists including Takuji Kogo and Charles Lim, and touches on the consequences of geopolitics, with lingering hints of dystopia. Their works focus on the observations and experiences of the subjects living in national borders. Thought-provoking and immersive, each article is economical in providing context, yet giving enough for you to be critical of the situation it renders.

The works are left open-ended, leaving you the fill in the blanks. Some of the pieces were especially gripping, leaving you to realise the lack of need for discourse between right and wrong; only what was already happening there and then. Having the pieces based on actual events and accounts added an extra grisly touch.

If you’re the type to binge on Black Mirror, and enjoy grim interpretative works, this might be up your alley.

Artist and Curator Takuji Kogo will be holding a screening at The Private Museum, 21 October, 3pm, to introduce his recent collaborative projects and his new work titled, Singaporean Arcade based on his one-month visit to Singapore.

The exhibition will be held at The Private Museum from now to 17 December. Find out more here!

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