Longing, Wistfulness & Ambivalence: Ffion’s Music Video for ‘I Miss U’

Ffion Williams may be a newcomer to the scene in Singapore, but after her strong introduction last year with ‘With U’ and ‘Over’ (featuring Jeff Hue), she’s definitely an R&B artist you’d wanna keep tabs on.

Following up, Ffion has released her music video for ‘I Miss U’. Directed by Ah Hock and with Ryan Foo as her opposing male lead, ‘I Miss U’ has been stylized with faded colours and slow scenes that contradict, in a bid to demonstrate her longing, wistfulness and general ambivalence that show through her lyrics.

Giving her take, Ffion explains that ‘I Miss U’ was the first song she worked on with GROSSE, with his guidance, writing the song came naturally. It became an emotional outlet and she felt she could really let go after the song was complete. It encaptures all sides of her personality, the quirky/weird side and the melancholic side. Lyrically the song was written to almost contradict itself, to walk a fine line of indecisiveness.

Watch Ffion’s ‘I Miss U’ music video below! You can also download her song on iTunes or stream it on Spotify.

BONUS: Listen to her enchanting vocals as a featured artist on Jeff Hue’s ‘Taken Me Down’, here too!

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