Doing The Impossible: Interview With Oh Wonder

Consisting of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West, Oh Wonder are a London-based alt-pop duo. Native Entertainment spoke to them while they were on tour and here’s what they found out:

1. Could you give us an introduction to your music?

We are Oh Wonder, a songwriting duo from London, UK. We write alt-pop songs that are infused with soft electro beats and unison vocals.

2. When writing songs, do you wait for any specific feelings or simply have a writing session? Tell me more about your songwriting process!

It’s a wonderful process, and one that we’re sorely missing whilst touring so much at the moment! We generally inhabit other worlds when we write, so we think up scenarios and build stories to create an outside perspective as songwriters. It’s a really fun way of writing, and we have never lacked inspiration because we can always step into these daydreams without having to draw from real life.

3. Was there anyone or anything that inspired you to do music, which brought you to where you are today?

We both have our parents to thank for helping us get to where we are today. They have allowed us the chance to lead creative lives, even when we were younger and the path ahead of us was more uncertain. We have both been playing music since a very young age, so the support of all our friends and family has been essential for us to get to where we are today. And of course, our amazing managers!

Oh Wonder also spoke about the challenges of the music industry, leading a “normal” social life as independent musicians, and being on the road during tour. Discover the full interview on Native Entertainment here!


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