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The One-Size-Fits-All O Level Results Playlist

It’s that time of the year again. The culmination of 4 years or more of hard work to produce one single sheet of paper with mostly numbers printed on it. It’s the beginning of many dreaded Chinese New Year conversations and varying parental disappointment (because Asian parents are never satisfied). But it’s also the reward for many nights upon nights of intense mugging, the sacrificing of social lives and hobbies, the many hours of carpal tunnel-esque pain. That’s right – the O Level results are out.

To put all the students who have collected their results in the right mood, we’ve carefully tailored a playlist to fit every possible outcome. We’ve got some uplifting tunes for the temporarily-depressed and we’ve got some dour songs to cut down the overly-enthusiastic braggy types. It’s all about balance; a bit of sad, a bit of happy, and altogether, a “WELL AT LEAST IT’S OVER NOW”. You’ve received the grade you worked for and you still have a lot of decisions to make about tertiary education. At least you’ve got The One-Size-Fits-All O Level Results Playlist to get you over that.

We’ve got a snappy 15-song playlist here that encapsulates everything from celebration (“Sweet Victory” by David Glen Eisley) to regret (“Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake), to the hao lian braggers (“Hustlin’” by Rick Ross). In fact, here’s a little more about some of the picks:

Finally Here” – Flo Rida

To get you thinking about the right thing on the big day, play this as you grab the uniform you haven’t worn in months.

Sweet Victory” – David Glen Eisley

You sacrificed everything last year to do well for the O Levels. You friends called you a flake, you forgot that you had a girlfriend/boyfriend, your video games sat unloved, and you’ve got a backlog of hundreds of drama episodes. But it’s all worth it.

We Are the Champions” – Queen

Clichés are clichés for a reason: they always work. You spent many months calling together group study session with your friends and everyone has gotten the results they’ve worked hard for. Finally, you guys can hang out and not scribble out entire book’s worth of notes.

Hustlin’” – Rick Ross

Nobody likes a humble-brag so if you’re gonna brag, go all out. Grab your portable speakers, slam that aux cord in and blast this out loud. You worked hard for this and everyone should know that.

Lose Yourself” – Eminem

Even your parents thought you were going to flunk your O’s. But you knew that you had to prove everyone wrong. Your discontent fuelled your road to vindication and now you’ve sprinted past the finish line with time to spare: no one’s doubting you anymore.

Cry Me A River” – Justin Timberlake 

Pretty self-explanatory. Despite the advice of parents, teachers and peers, you did not study. You didn’t even try to spot the exam questions properly. You went in and left the answer sheet more blank than your mind. Time to feel sorry about yourself.

I Never Learn” – Lykke Li

After buying that drink you’ve missed so much from your canteen, you can’t enjoy it at all: everything tastes like regret.

In The End” – Linkin Park

You’ve lost all hope! You’ve been extremely stressed about the O Levels and you’re now suffering from premature hair loss. So just to unwind before you snap like a rubberband, just remember: in the grand scheme of things, academics are not the only way to measure oneself.

Smash Mouth” – All Star

You know you’ve messed up and you’ve fully accepted your fate. But, it’s always good to look at the brighter side of life and take the consequences as they come.


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